Chainsaw leaving burn marks on woodcuts

A chainsaw is a useful tool to cut wood logs. However, the chainsaw leaves burning marks on the woodcuts.

It takes place due to excessive chain rattles and burning or smoking wood, without cutting. It is the time the chain mounts backward leaving strong signs on the wood as burn marks.

What are burn marks, is it a problem?

Yes, burn marks on woodcuts is a big problem. The burn marks need a greater effort to repair.

Burn marks are an ailment plaguing woodworkers, no matter, whatever their skill level, a brand new or seasoned professional.

The burn marks occur because of the dull blade or slow feed rates, besides various other factors that facilitate fixing easily.

However, sometimes these burn marks on wood happen due to reasons beyond your control. They are the issues such as the electric saw or the wood you use to cut.

Burn marks are not ideal. It is true and important to consider if you are using wood for furniture. Under such circumstances, the burn marks are a big nuisance.

There is a need to pay proper attention to the procedures and remove them from the wood.

You may remove the wood burn marks of an electric saw using some sandpaper or even a wood scraper.

The wood marks do more harm to the wood, and the best is to eliminate the pesky burn marks on woodcuts.

How to remove the chainsaw leaving burn marks on woodcuts

A fact is the burn marks on wood while working with electric saws. Woodworking is a tough job and sometimes the chainsaw leaves burn marks.

Scrapping the damaged wood is enough at times, and it is best to try to remove the blemish or burn mark by you.

The tools required are:

  • Sandpaper
  • Sharp scaper or hand planer

Use the sandpaper and try to smooth the burn marks area. It will make the area normal and will look new.

Run a scraper along with the wood until the burn marks are no more. Regrettably, if they are deep burn marks, there is a loss of wood chunk. 

However, the best is to prevent the burn marks on wood from happening. It is because there are no sophisticated ways of fixing the burn marks on the wood. 

Causes of Woodburn

The burn marks on the wood are mainly due to human error. It does not always mean an electric saw problem; it is to give extra care to prevent these wood burn marks.

The causes of wood burn are:

1. Issues with Saw Blade

It is a big issue while using a chainsaw. If the chainsaw blade is, dull or dirty it can cause burn marks. It happens due to the friction of the wood and the blade resulting in causing burn marks.

The woodworkers are aware that the major wood burn cause is due to the dull blade, while some know that a dirty blade is a reason to cause a wood burn.

The buildup of dirt and resin behind the saw blade teeth slows the speed of cutting and increases the wood burn chances.

2. Inaccurate Feed Speed

Feed speed is a major wood burn cause. There are different wood types and have different speeds.

Take time to know the feel suitable to the wood types and place the right speed feed. Inaccuracy in the speed feed is the reason causing burn marks on the wood.

3. Saw Blade Misalignment and Guide Fence 

Improper alignment of the saw blade pushes stock sideways while you feed the saw through the wood.

The guide fence and saw blade cause friction between the electric saw and the wood resulting in burn marks on the wood.

Now that the causes of wood burn marks are clear, here are a few ways to avoid the burn marks on the wood.

How-To Avoid Burn Marks

Woodburn is preventable for a beginner woodworker. Yes, it is true, but you may not be aware of this. However, experienced woodworkers know ways to prevent wood burn. 

  • Some woods are prone to wood-burn. It is not in your control and requires taking steps to avoid burn marks if you are dealing with wood prone to scorch marks.

These steps may be of many efforts or may appear ‘extra’. The preventative measures are not worthy, and not taking precautions means receiving burn marks on the wood.

Using expensive wood on other people’s projects means preventing wood burn marks is inevitable. The care is necessary, as these expensive projects will be on display. 

Tips to avoid burn marks on wood:

Sharpen the Blade

It is essential if you notice wood burn marks often. You can solve the problem of wood burn marks by sharpening your blade.

A dull blade means more friction between the wood and the blade, and more friction results in more heat causing wood burns. Thus a good sharpen resolves your wood burn woes.

Clean the Blade

Cleaning your blade using WD40 is best. Do it after every use. A dirty blade causes wood burns, and it is because the residue and dirt on the blade contact the wood and not the saw.

Thus, it heats the materials causing wood burns. The cleaning of the blade regularly after each use seems excessive, but undergoing this small task ensures the best benefits while woodworking. A quick clean is worth the wood burn marks elimination.

Replace the Blade

Warped or broken blades are the wood burn problem source. If you notice the wood burn marks, remove the blade after unplugging and look closely.

If not, take it to a professional and examine it to know if replacing the blade is essential.

Cut Faster

Woodcut faster with a saw leaves no chances of burn marks. It is annoying to cut faster as it results in less smooth cuts. However, with experience, you can get the right balance.


Wood having burn marks is hard to eliminate. The common reason is the blade in the saw. You may visit the local hardware store or align the blade to avoid wood burn.

It may require you to spend a little money, but it is easy to save you the time, pain, and money in dealing with wood burns.

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