Are Carbide Chainsaw Chains Worth It?

are carbide chainsaw chains worth it

Carbide is one of the compounds used in adding brittleness to chainsaws. It is a solid compound whose density is two times of steel’s density. When coated with Carbide, the chainsaw cannot be sharpened with ease but with the use of coated files and discs. Diamond is usually harnessed as the coating material for the … Read more

Chainsaw Blade Types That Stay Sharp For Months (Upto 3+)

Chainsaw Blade Types

​The chainsaw blade is the lifeblood of the machine​…as it is responsible for its cutting and sawing prowess. With chainsaws ranging in power and size, blades come in different types as well. Learn more about the numerous styles by reading on. Comparsion Table # Name Type Length Compatible with Price 1 Oregon S56 AdvanceCut Semi-chisel … Read more