Chainsaw Bar Turned Blue : 10 Tips To Prevent This In Future

Chainsaw Bar Turned Blue

Has your chainsaw bar turned blue already? If yes, I’m afraid to say that you might need to replace the bar, chain, and possibly sprocket now. There are no other options left in most cases. Many chainsaw users this due to a lack of knowledge in chainsaw maintenance. However, to prevent this issue in the […]

Are Carbide Chainsaw Chains Worth It?

are carbide chainsaw chains worth it

Carbide is one of the compounds used in adding brittleness to chainsaws. It is a solid compound whose density is two times of steel’s density. When coated with Carbide, the chainsaw cannot be sharpened with ease but with the use of coated files and discs. Diamond is usually harnessed as the coating material for the […]

Chisel Vs Semi-Chisel Chainsaw Chain

chisel vs semi chisel chainsaw chain

Back in the days, I used to ponder deeply about the origin of the name ”Chainsaw”, but it was not long when I discovered that the name is a direct offshoot of the items that make up the Machine. Chainsaw operates with the use of a chain and it is fully looped. The chainsaw’s torque […]

Chainsaw Bar Uneven Wear (Causes & Solution)

chainsaw bar uneven wear

A chainsaw is considered to be one of the most versatile tools that you can ever think of. They can tackle many obstacles that can be faced while performing jobs such as pruning huge and heavy bushes, trimming limbs or branches, cutting down big trees, and removing any stumps. The tool is quite powerful in […]

How To Extend A Chainsaw Bar And Chain Life?

Extend A Chainsaw Bar And Chain Life

Chainsaws are a great piece of tool for handiwork. They are quite expensive, and virtually everyone wants their chainsaw to last for a long time. To achieve this, important care and proper maintenance steps should always be maintained. The chain and the chainsaw bar are among the essential parts of the chainsaw, and great attention […]

How To Set The Right Direction of Chainsaw Chain

Set The Right Direction of Chainsaw Chain

Chainsaws are about its chains. The chains must be of good quality and should be functioning properly. If it doesn’t happen, you won’t be able to make good cuts. At many occasions, non-functioning chainsaws can cause serious injuries while running the machine. For this reason, the owners should be very careful to set the right […]

Chainsaw Blade Types That Stay Sharp For Months (Upto 3+)

Chainsaw Blade Types

​The chainsaw blade is the lifeblood of the machine​…as it is responsible for its cutting and sawing prowess. With chainsaws ranging in power and size, blades come in different types as well. Learn more about the numerous styles by reading on. Comparsion Table # Name Type Length Compatible with Price 1 Oregon S56 AdvanceCut Semi-chisel […]