Can you use outboard motor oil in a chainsaw?

A chainsaw is a tool that every house needs and it needs perfect maintenance to give optimal performance.

Using any oil is enough to keep the engines running.

People mix two oils and use them.

A chainsaw is a huge tool and the blade and its teeth do not wear out quickly only with proper oiling.

Can you use outboard motor oil in a chainsaw

Can you use outboard motor oil in a chainsaw?

The two-stroke oils are not for water-cooled outboard motors. These are also known as outboard motor oil.

Do not use the oils that are four-stroke engines.

Some people use motor oil on a chainsaw, but the problem is the chain and bar oil are stickier than the regular motor oil and so it remains longer on the chain.

What is Outboard motor oil?

Outboard motor oil is a premium lubricant offering excellent performance.

It is used to power the outboard motors in two-cycle engines.

It is formulated especially for pre-mixed gasoline or oil lubricated engines.

It is useful for high performance as 2-stroke water-cooled engines. 

What type of oil goes in an outboard motor?

FC-W FourStroke (25W-40) Oil is outboard motor oil.

But it is for four-stroke marine engines and this includes MerCruiser, outboard, stern drive, and offers high performance.

Many people consider the outboard engine oil is correct for 2-cycle equipment. It is not.

The difference is the 2-cycle outboard engines, 2-cycle power equipment engines, and the way they are in use.

Most 2-stroke chainsaws are a 50:1 chainsaw oil mix ratio.

While some recommend 40:1. Older two-stroke equipment accepts 32:1.

Mixing multiple containers is a hassle while running different pieces of equipment.

Explaining Chainsaw oil mix ratios 

A chainsaw manufacturer recommending a fuel/oil mix as 50:1 means there is a need for 50 parts gas to two-stroke oil as one part.

Mixing at 50:1 a gallon of fuel, by adding two-stroke oil 2.6 ounces to a gallon of gas is the ratio.

Mixing different ratios may confuse. Complicating things and mixing different ratios do not serve the right purpose.

The modern equipment and chainsaws call for 50:1, 40:1, and 32:1 for older pieces of equipment.

If you have different mix ratios, mix and store multiple cans of fuel. It invites misapplication and is a hassle.

It may not be a problem sometimes if there is heavy use.

It is best to follow the recommendation of the manufacturer’s said mix ratio.

Guide to choosing the right outboard motor oil

Choosing the right engine oil is crucial to enjoying overall performance when you own an outboard motor.

Picking the best outboard motor oil is not easy.

A motor in a vehicle is complex and it is important to understand that the machine should not be prone to unnecessary stress.

There will be different opinions on maintaining the outboard motors.

The lubricants coming with the product such as a boat, include anti-foaming agents.

It prevents oil from foaming within the piston, causing premature wear and strangling.

Choosing the best outboard motor oil may be challenging because buying any wrong oil is a waste of time, engine damage, and loss of money.

The outboard motors are prone to affect the service life of the engine, so take double care.

When choosing the right outboard motor oil needs you to consider two things:

The engine type is the first consideration because different engines need different fat types.

Some may run on diesel fuel or gasoline, while others on electric power.

The machine will determine the fuel suitable and the oil type appropriate.

The next is the price which is the crucial factor to consider.

The cost varies greatly and as there are different outboard motor oil types in the market, considering the exact cost is essential.

All the oils ensure the working and running of the engines smoothly, while each type has its pros and cons, besides features making it outstanding from others.

The best outboard motor oil manufacturers are Yamaha, Mercury Optimax, and Evinrude Johnson.

These three companies have more positive feedback than other brands.

There is a variety of grades of oil for different applications, so ensure to read the label before deciding on purchasing or using outboard oil in the engine.

Always change the oil and do not reuse old oil from the previous.

If you wish to save money, try using synthetic oil than other mineral-based oils.

The cost of synthetic oils is more and provides safety from corrosion within the engine.

Check your manufacturer or directly call them to know when you should change the oil filter of the outboard motor oil.

What is two-cycle outboard oil and why is it useful for a chainsaw?

Two-stroke engines are two-cycle engines providing several advantages.

It has a simple design that is perfect for snowmobiles, scooters, and other outboard engines.

The two-cycle outboard oil is essential for a chainsaw to reduce exhaust smoke and prevent dangerous deposits.

The two-stroke engine oils are designed for two-stroke engines and cater to appropriate uses.

The two-cycle engines feature no valves, as their engine physics way of operating is different.

A two-cycle engine combines fuel, air, and oil and pushes the ignition plug.

Thus, choosing an outboard motor oil of two-cycle for the engine should be done carefully in a chainsaw or any engine so that it does not affect the performance of an engine.

Using the right outboard motor oil and lubricant is crucial for the engine.

Likewise, never use two-cycle outboard oil in the engine of a four-stroke.

The motor oils of two-stroke do not last as the four-stroke oils as they are lower in ash, lighter, and suitable for two-stroke engines.

However, the two-stroke engines are lighter, smaller, and simpler in small equipment applications such as garden equipment, lawnmowers, and chainsaws.

The two-stroke engines enjoy better heat management and superior lubricity.


Now that you know the use of outboard motor oil in a chainsaw, do not go with confusion.

Your chainsaw is important for you so do not add any oil and decrease its performance.

Using unsuitable oil is not beneficial for your chainsaw, so use appropriate oil for your chainsaw.

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