Can I use a chainsaw during fire ban?

A fire ban is announced on the days the fires are probably threatening property and lives.

It takes place when there is extreme fire weather prediction or when there is a widespread stretch of firefighting resources and fires.

The fire ban can be an announcement partially as a total fire ban.

Can I use a chainsaw during fire ban

What does a total fire ban exactly mean?

A total fire ban means nothing outside in the open.

There will be no fire, and a total fire ban restricts the fire developing potential.

A fire ban is a time you cannot maintain, light, or use in an open fire.

You cannot carry out any activity in the open that will cause a fire.

A fire ban prohibits even hot works to be done for general purpose that includes grinding, welding, gas cutting, or any type of activity producing flame or spark to be done in open areas.

A fire ban does not permit wood campfires even on private land or public land, and campgrounds, including fire pits in the backyard.

The fire permits are instantly canceled or suspended, and there is no issuance of permits.

Fire ban in Australia

The fire ban in Australia does not allow lighting in parks or wood fires during the fire danger season. A few parks feature fire bans year-round.

There is a total fire ban on all types of open fires, gas stoves, and liquid fuel in the parks.

It is declared in the CFS (Country Fire Service), and the broadcast is on the radio.

Is there a restriction on using a chainsaw during a fire ban?

Under Stage I, the fire restrictions feature no restriction on the use or generators of the chainsaw that has a connection to wildfire issues.

Nevertheless, the users have to get permits to gather firewood for personal or commercial use.

It is because they cannot get the firewood from any open place.

There is the state, and federal land agencies featuring designated areas, and these activities, such as wood gathering are allowed.

Thus, there is a prohibition on wood gathering.

Using a chainsaw, mower, brush cutter, or slasher during a fire ban is not a problem.

You can use a chainsaw during the fire ban period. However, you must have these things ready in hand such:

  • A rake or shovel and portable water spray.

In addition

  • System preventing burning material from escaping
  • Engine exhaust exiting through the exhaust system
  • Heated parts should prevent coming in contact with flammable material

Why is the fire ban announced, is it of any use?

The decision of implementing a fire ban is a decision by the regional fire centers featuring local dangers or fire hazards.

The decision is taken as per the weather conditions type forecasted and the level and type of fire activity taking place. 

Fire bans may be implemented with the expectation of increasing lightning-caused fires or even during fire-critical situations, as the BC Wildlife Service is not ready to take risks from the fires that are caused by a human from the naturally caused ones, thereby helping to divert the resources.

Fires in these situations are unacceptable risks, and they detract from a response and detection capabilities by increasing the false-alarm smoke chases, nuisance fires, and the number of wildfire phone reports.

What does a Fire ban bring in?

A fire ban is not an announcement to ignore or brush aside.

Once it is declared, there is a need to change your plan. In the dry, hot, and windy weather, fires easily spread, start and cause damage.

It is the reason, with a declaration of a fire ban, there are a lot of restrictions.

It is a prevention measure made active in the city or country.

They include a set of rules applicable from midnight to midnight for 24 hours.

A quick guide to fire bans

A total fire ban does not permit opening fires in the open air, while rules differ among states

  • It covers any place outside, including a balcony, deck, courtyard, or park
  • No outside cooking and the restriction to electric and gas barbecues 
  • No “hot works” such as grinding or welding 

How to know if a city or a town is under a total fire ban?

A total fire ban is not given for a single town, city, district, or suburb.

The fire bans are issued after consulting with local governments by state fire services.

The bans are on websites, apps, and social media. 

The fire ban is the responsibility of each individual to ascertain the activity does not cause a fire and that a ban is not in place.

The declaration of fire bans is from the Fire & Emergency services department and the information is available through all publications and communication channels.

Harvest and vehicle movement bans are announced by the Local Authority and the machinery and plant equipment operation cause a fire if it is operated near or over flammable material, stubble, dry grass, or bush.

Penalties are applicable if one does not adhere to the fire ban such as:

  • The fine may be up to $25,000 or the imprisonment is for 12 months. At times the fine may be both imprisonment and paying money. If you commit an offense or ignore the ban rules, you have to bear the fines.

When a ban is declared you may:

  • Use the barbeque or a gas cooker that has an enclosed flame on your property or also in a public recreational area specifically allotted for cooking purposes.
  • You must undertake to the water of stock and consider essential feeding.
  • You can smoke a cigarette if the cigars or cigarettes are extinguished properly and ensure it is discarded properly.
  • Use chainsaws, mowers, hedge and line trimmers, and similar plants built up in the urban environment that is free from flammable materials or is surrounded by green grass.

Final Thought

A fire ban is a government rule and it is best to follow.

You can use a chainsaw as there is no restriction to using it during the fire ban.

However, conduct works that are covered by a relevant and current exemption.

It should adhere to all the conditions as an exemption.

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