Black & Decker CS1216 Chainsaw Review – For Felling Trees

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Chainsaws are very efficient tools for cutting of logs of trees into various sizes.

With the chainsaw, the tedious process of felling trees can be done within a blink.

The Black+Decker Electric Chainsaw CS1216 is one of the leading chainsaws. It is very powerful and versatile.

It has a flexible cord and is powered by a 12-amp motor. The chainsaw does lots of work in cutting through hard and soft woods with less effort.

In this article, we shall highlight the key features of the tool as well as the advantages and disadvantages of using this tool.


This tool can handle small, medium and large cuts. It is propelled by a 12 Amp motor which drive the blade through thick wood material with minimum fuss. It is manufactured by the prolific company –Black & Decker.

The machine comes with a scabbard and is connected to the power source through a cord.  Difficult cutting tasks are simplified by the tension-less chain and the 16” low-kickback bar. The chain is designed for simplicity.

They tool-free and can be adjusted quickly and easily.  Cutting process is smoothened by the smooth movement of the chain.

The chain is usually oiled and the Black+Decker Electric Chainsaw CS1216 is embedded with automatic oiling system which makes it possible for the chains to be lubricated at regular intervals.  

Users of this machine would hardly run out of oil because the oiling system is clear. The oil level is very conspicuous because it can easily be viewed. The length of the Bar of the Chainsaw is 16 inches.

At a weight of just 10lbs, the Machine is lightweight and can be carried from place to place without much stress.


There is a plethora of advantages that comes with using the Black+Decker Electric Chainsaw CS1216. The machine is versatile because it can be used for various forms of cutting, pruning, and trimming f tree logs and tree branches.

It can be used for large scale felling jobs and small scale pruning jobs. Big and small trees can be cut without hitches. The shrubs and logs of 12 inches diameter can also be cut with ease. It does not make use of gas, so there is no need to worry about Gas disturbance.

The Machine is lightweight and can be assembled easily. People with no technical expertise can simply fix this machine and start using it. The user’s manual is simple to understand since the set up of the machine is simple.

Sharpening of the chain saw is very easy. New Black+Decker Electric Chainsaw CS1216 come with specially designed files for making the blade sharp. Some Dremel tools are also used as sharpening attachments for the blade.

You won’t waste a sweat during the cutting process and your muscles will not be stressed. The tightness of the chain can be varied to suit your need. There is a specially designed wheel for adjusting the tension of the chain. It is very simple and straight forward process.

The machine is blended for longetivity and it is well built. Users can operate this machine devoid of the stress of adjusting the carburettor Massive Protection is offered to the blade by the scabbard which functions  a guide bar to protect the blade.  

The ignition process of the machine is quite simple. You would not waste your time because you can start it up with ease using the start-up button. This is done by pressing the ignition button. It has a 5/32”blade which is sharp enough to cut through 12 -16 inches of wood.  

The machine provides an easy refilling procedure for users. You don’t need t go through the lengthy process of opening and closing the cap because the oil container is clear and you can easily see through it to ascertain the level of the Oil.


This machine has some few cons which every potential user should know before going ahead to buy the machine. 

It is safe to say that the machine is ideal for minor gardening work and lightweight home use like trimming and pruning of shrubs and small trees. You should not expect to make use of this tool for heavy felling of trees.  

In addition to this, the stress of assembling the parts can be very tedious for some people. The machine is known to be a very adept user of oil. It consumes large volume of oil quickly.

Black and Decker is known to have expensive replacement parts so it is advisable for users to read through the replacement manual before purchasing the machine.  While budgeting to buy the machine, it is advisable to include the cost of oil because the machine does not come with oil.

Also, it does come with safety items like goggles and gloves. You will be given just a 6-inches cord, so you may need to buy an extended cord.

Another con to take note of is the fact that the machine does not have a chain brake and the left hand guard has no presence of auto-kick.

After switching off the machine, it takes over 10 seconds for the chain to stop rotating and users might need to undergo extra training in-order to get used to the machine before knowing how to stop it instantly.

What you can do with it

Black+Decker Electric Chainsaw CS1216 can be used for cutting down of small trees and shrubs. Logs of trees can be cut into smaller sizes for firewood and industrial uses.

Home gardening can be done with ease using this tool. You can trim and prune branches of trees up to 16 inches and the machine can cut up to 12 inches diameter of trees.

Who should buy CS1216

You surely need this machine if you are gardener or a firewood seller. It can be used for cutting through logs of wood and pruning of tree branches.

Who should not buy CS1216

Contractors of heavy tree felling and lumbering projects are advised not to buy this product because it is not ideal for heavy cutting and extended work.

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