Best Chainsaw For Camping | Very Portable (From 1.35 lbs)

Many things can go wrong in the world of chainsaws. There is a lot of maintenance and safety gear to keep track of, not to mention having to lug around an unwieldy tool all day long.

But there’s finally a solution! The mini cordless chainsaw has arrived, and it’s perfect for those who want more mobility and convenience than ever before.

Don’t be fooled by its size: this little guy packs quite a punch!

Best Chainsaw For Camping

Top 5 Chainsaw For Camping of 2024

We have analyzed the top 5 mini cordless chainsaws based on their power, battery life, bar size, weight, and other features like prices, rating, and everything. Here you go and pick the right one.

Let’s dive deep into the chainsaw world.

We are going to walk you through a lineup of the top-rated mini cordless chainsaws. Here are our favorite chainsaws with expert analysis and our buyer’s guide below.

Ego Power+ Cs1800

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When it comes to the cordless chainsaw, it is tough to balance this ego power= in low rankings. It has a superb battery performance of 56v 5h.

This model has fantastic top-notch performance and is considered for long-term use.

The chainsaw is not that difficult to use and provides an understanding of approximately 9.5 out of 10. Easy chain tensioning can be done using this ego power+ model of chainsaw.

This ego power+ offers you the great rip when so many trees and saplings come in your way. The only disadvantage felt by people using this product was its noise as all the chainsaw forums produce an extreme sound level.

When it comes to battery, no one can beat this power+ model of chainsaw. It surprises you by charging quickly in just 1 hour. This CS1800 ego power+ model of chainsaw had topped in all the tests.

All the researchers have studied this model entirely, and they don’t have many complaints about this power+ model. The wind speed is relatively slow as compared to another cordless chainsaw.


  • Best for mountain bucks.
  • Has LED lights attached in the ego power CS1800
  • The fastest cutting cordless chainsaw

Dewalt Dccs620b Cordless Chainsaw

When we talk about the rankings, This DEWALT DCCS620B cordless chainsaw ranks in the top three.

It has a 12-inch blade size attached to the chainsaw. It has a good battery consumption, which means you have to charge the chainsaw cutter for only 1 hour.

It has an excellent built quality, making this chainsaw model perfect. The beneficial point here is that this DEWALT DCCS620B chainsaw model is so lightweight to carry.


  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • Ergonomic handle
  • It offers a speed of 25.2 feet per second.

Craftsman V60 Cordless Chainsaw

Although the craftsman is not as popular as Makati when t comes to a cordless chainsaw, it has rapidly come up with exciting models. This craftsman offers a high 20-inch blade with an approx 60-volt battery.

It can cut trees and wood without any issue, which also means that it works smoothly and has a long-lasting life.

The quality it offers is suitable as per the cost fixed for this chainsaw.


  • Bubble level for excellent and fast cutting.
  • Best performing option.
  • Also has auto-oiling

Milwaukee M18 Fuel

It is a beast of the chainsaw. This product is one of those that have good executing cuts and long-lasting battery life.

This can be very useful as well as helpful when time flows and occasions too. This product also offers immense lineup tools.

This also provides a battery or a charger, which is seen as a positive point. The M18 fuel is relatively low in weight, and you will love to use this perfect cordless chainsaw.

Husqvarna 120i

This powerful chainsaw cutter has two chain speed setup process. It is a highly compact performance cordless chainsaw that will never leave you alone. The company is providing a good warranty for the same.

The combination of effective cutting at a low price is nowhere you will get. Also, an unrivaled time makes this compact high processing chainsaw the most promising one.

Battery Pole Saw

In this category, we recommend the ones that come with multi-head systems. It means the powerhead is versatile and you can add more tools to the powerhead as you want.

The downside of this powerhead is that it is expensive.

We recommend Milwaukee M18 FUEL 18-Volt Lithium-ion Brushless Cordless String Trimmer as it comes with multi-head systems.

Benefits of Using a Cordless Aka Battery Chainsaw

By “chainsaw” most people mean gas chainsaw. It is still very popular for power but some features make a cordless chainsaw a better option than a gas chainsaw in many cases.

  • Low noise will keep your neighbor happy
  • No smoke or fuel emissions pollute the air. Good for your health too.
  • Zero maintenance
  • No need to hassle with the power cord everywhere you go.
  • No need to spend money on an extension cord. So, it is a cheap alternative to its electric counterpart in the long run.
  • No need for refueling. Recharging the battery is better than gas refueling as you don’t need to spend time mixing gas/oil ration.

Can a Cordless Chainsaw Replace a Gas Chainsaw?

This is a question often people ask us. Honestly speaking, the answer is both “Yes” and “NO”. It depends on how you use the saw.

Most cordless chainsaws mentioned in this guide have more than enough power to cut big logs and fell a tree. The chainsaw which we selected can give you almost the same power as a small gas engine chainsaw in every aspect.

So, if you need to do heavy-duty cutting occasionally, a battery chainsaw can replace a gas engine chainsaw.

However, if you plan to buy a chainsaw to cut cords of wood every year or do heavy cutting regularly, a cordless chainsaw cannot replace the gas chainsaw. Here, a gas saw is the best option.

Performance Is More Important than Voltage

Most people have the wrong conception that voltage determines battery power.

Although it was somewhat true in the past, things now have changed due to technological improvements in brushless motor tools and lithium-ion batteries.

We have tested battery-powered tools that range from 18v to 62v; equipped with 2.0 (Ah) to 12.0 (Ah) and found that voltage no longer plays a role in determining the cutting power or performance of chainsaw.

The only things which determine the performance of a chainsaw are the ability to cut “quickly” and “confidently”

Running Time (Aka Battery Life) Should Be a Top Priority

Nobody likes to recharge his battery frequently. Not only it is very frustrating but also hampers your cutting operation. It kills a lot of time.

If you use a gas chainsaw regularly, the first thing that would come to your mind is that the “battery might not last long“. However, it is not true in all cases.

Some chainsaw comes with one battery while some come with two batteries. Some battery chargers take hours to fully charge the battery while some offer “fast aka rapid charging” which takes 15-20 minutes for charging.

Battery Replacement Cost

No matter how powerful or costly a battery you buy, no lithium-ion rechargeable battery will last forever. You must replace them after a time. So, consider the replacement cost too.

Battery Charging Time

Some chargers take a very long time to charge the battery whereas there is a rapid battery charger that can charge the battery pretty fast.

You wouldn’t like to wait for 3-4 hours to charge a battery that lasts only 15-20 minutes. In our test, we found most battery takes 30 minutes to 3-4 hours to get fully charged.


This is not the idea of which electric motor is the strongest or biggest, you need a perfect combination between cutting bar and motor because only that way you will get a perfect machine that will make your job done efficiently and fast at the same time.

Chain Tensioning system

Whenever you operate a chainsaw, you need to adjust the chains as they loose while running. There are two options to adjust it, one is “tool-less” and the other is “using a scrench”

In the “tool-less” system, there is no need for additional tools. There is an adjustment knob to adjust the chain tension whereas the second method requires a special tool such as a screwdriver/wrench combination tool to adjust it.

We recommend a tool-less chain tensioning system for the cordless chainsaw.

How We Tested The Cordless Chainsaw (Our Method)

We have talked to people who cut through pine, cedar, and oaks over years. Some of them are a homeowner. Some of them are professionals.

Some use saws to cut truckloads of white-oak logs on regular basis. They use a chainsaw for the below tasks.

  • Trimming or pruning trees
  • Limbing branches
  • Felling trees of 4-foot diameter
  • Cleaning after hurricanes and storms
  • Crosscut in wet or dry wood

We also bought some cordless chainsaws for the testing by ourselves. We put the test log on a sawbuck and cut test discs.

During the test, we paid close attention to vibration, stalling, cutting power, trigger response so on. Long story short, the winner saw cut 120 discs where others range from 20 to 30 discs.

We have given the top priority to “working time” as in real words, nothing is more important than a working tool.

If you are a homeowner, we suggest getting the chainsaw with two battery packs and a rapid charger. Thus, you can work the full day by using one battery in the saw while charging the other.

For professionals, we recommend a backpack battery as they will use it in an area where there will be no near power source to get the battery recharged.

Power and Performance

At our in-house test, each saw went through the same number of logs. We measured the average time each saw took to cut them.

In some cases, the saw battery went dull in the middle, so we remove those saws immediately from the test. Those are marked as “failed” saw.

After that, we used those “passed” saws to buck pine wood. Some saws did it fast while others took a bit more time. We also checked how much bar oil they consumed.


If you ignore the minor design changes, almost all of the chainsaws are the same in terms of basic functionality. For chainsaws, safety matters a lot.

No matter what chainsaw you pick in the market, it must have a UL or other test lab certification.

In these criteria, we prefer the chainsaw which comes with a functionality that doesn’t let it start the motor accidentally.

Warning Alerts

Some electric switches come with an alert indicator. The LED light shows when the saw is in “Ready”, “trouble conditions” or “the brake is on”

Tool-free vs Dual Adjusters

Most homeowners like tool-less aka tool-free adjusters where they need a single captive bolt aka stud to attach the bar where there are two studs in the manual ones. Most people have a misconception that professional chainsaws must have dual studs which is not true.

Captive nuts: It is very common to lose the bar nuts while operating the chainsaw due to vibration. To prevent the situation, some saws introduce a feature called “captive nuts” which keep the nuts in their proper place.

Alternatively, you can take a few spare nuts with you to avoid these situations.

Bars and Chain

Most battery-powered chainsaws use a 3/8″ pitch, a 0.043″ gauge. Some use a 0.050″ gauge. Most brands except Stihl give Oregon bar and chain instead of making by themselves.

Built-in auto chain sharpener? Oregon is famous for its chainsaw bar, chain, and other components. However, they have a 91PS chain called “PowerSharp” which can be sharpened by using the built-in sharpener.

Oregon has introduced a chainsaw named “Oregon CS300”. It has an integrated chain sharpening stone that can sharpen the chain on the fly.

Oiling System

Oil plays a very important role in cutting wood. No chainsaw can work without oil. It lubricates the bar and chain. Otherwise, the motor will be burnt and the bar or chain can be damaged. It can cause serious injury if you try to run it dry for a long time.

There are two oiling systems. One is an automatic oiler and the other is a manual oiling system. There are two sub-sections under “automatic oiler”. One is adjustable flow and the other is fixed flow.

We recommend an automatic oiling system with an adjustable flow for better and constant lubrication. The manual oiler has a push button to oil the bar and chain. Whenever you need to oil it, you need to push the button.

You have to clean the oiler regularly to prevent an issue like clogging.

Checking oil level: today, almost all the brands manufacture chainsaws with transparent oiler windows so that operators can check the oil level anytime they want. However, some models have a very small or dark window where it is hard to check the level.

Filling Oil into the oil tank: Nobody would like to have oily fingers after filling the oil tank. Caps also play an important role. Look for oil caps with lugs or flip-up tabs. You can open these caps with your work gloves. So, no need to remove gloves for filling the oil tank.

Oil Spills & how to fix them: Sometimes, the oil tank neck is very narrow which causes the oil piles up and overflow. If you pick up those models, ensure to sit at a proper angle for filling.

Biodegradable oil recommended: highly recommend biodegradable oil which is made of vegetable-based ingredients. They are environmentally friendly and is not expensive too.

Not only it is good for the environment but also good for your health. Petroleum oil can affect your skin, clothing, and the area you are working in.

Tips for avoiding oil leakage: You can follow these tips to avoid oil leaking in filling the oil tank.

  • Make a hole in the foil sealing of the oil gallon
  • Pour the oil into a syrup bottle and dispense from that bottle. Ensure the bottle pull-to-open tip.

In most cases, chainsaws leak oil when it is sitting for hours. The reasons may be heating or temperature change.

Bucking Spikes

It is also known as bumper spikes, dogs, or felling spikes. It is used for efficiently forcing the saw through the wood for faster cutting. It reduces the cutting vibrations which make the saw jerk and make it difficult to hold for a long time.

The spikes are different in small chainsaws than the big ones. Many cordless chainsaws come with small and blunt than the big gas chainsaw.

Variable Speed to Control the Cutting Speed

No matter how big a tree or small limb you want to cut, the faster the cutting speed, the better it is. I mean the sooner the job will be done. So, we don’t think this feature is a big deal for a cordless chainsaw. However, with a low speed, you will get more run time, so it is good if you have to do small cutting a lot.


Although the term “balance” differs from person to person. It depends on a person’s sawing experience and usage to a good degree. However, some features can work for most people. A balanced feel in your hands can make it feel easy to cut through wood.

Sideways Cutting

Sometimes you may need to cut sideways. Check the ease of operating the trigger in cutting sideways. You may not need to force the saw towards the front. Ensure you can grasp it well in all positions.


The thicker the handle, the more comfortable it becomes to grasp in cutting operation. The reason is very simple. The handles reduce the effect of vibration. We recommend rubber handles as they make the grip very comfortable and easy.

Trigger Comfort

We recommend triggers retract flush with the handle. It is very comfortable to operate. Almost all cordless chainsaws have triggers where you can put two fingers. Some come with a long trigger with larger room for gripping comfort.


Some people emphasize very much on chainsaw weight as if you will carry it all the time. However, I think differently. You would not feel the weight of cutting wood in most cases.

Rather, a bit weighty saw helps you in faster cutting as you don’t need to force it through the wood. A cordless chainsaw can be 12 pounds to 15 pounds in weight.

Available Battery Options

Some brands offer interchangeable batteries which can be used in other tools of that brand. In case, you want to buy the entire lineup in the future, consider buying the biggest battery. Otherwise, a lower-capacity battery can work fine for most operators.


A higher voltage doesn’t necessarily mean more power. Watts is used to measure power. You can get the same power from a 24v and 56v chainsaw.

The chainsaw with a 24v battery needs to produce more amps to get the same power level as a 56v chainsaw. In short, the combination of voltage and amp(current) determines the power of a chainsaw.

“Max” Voltage

Today, most cordless chainsaw comes with a lithium battery. It reaches its maximum voltage at the time of charging. However, you will get around 90% of that voltage in real cutting operations.

So, a chainsaw with 56v Max will give around 50v in cutting operation. It is called “nominal” volts. In some cases, the chainsaws where the brands don’t mention the word “Max” means the mentioned voltage is the nominal volts.

Blade guard & cases

No matter whether you store the chainsaw for a long time or carry it to a remote place, you need a case. Fortunately, you don’t need to pay extra to buy a chainsaw case as most brands offer free plastic scabbards.

Buying a system instead of a tool

If you plan to need to use or buy a lot of battery-powered tools in near future, you should consider the system of battery-powered OPE to which it belongs.

It will save a lot of money in the long run as you would not need to buy a spare battery and charge for each tool later.

Check the Entire model lineup: Before buying any system, check carefully all the tools of that brand’s lineup. Some brands may not produce a few tools which you will need in the future. So, avoid those brands and pick the ones which produce all the tools you will need.

Noise and vibration

Most people prefer cordless chainsaws to gas saws because of their less noise and vibration. Nobody especially the homeowners likes to disturb their neighbors with high sounds.

During our testing of the chainsaw, we also monitored noise. We use a sound level meter at a distance of 4 feet. We noted the sound level when the particular saw was at full throttle.

We also try to hear the sound at a distance of 50 feet to ensure that your neighbors wouldn’t know when you run the chainsaw.

The gas chainsaw creates the most noise. It makes about 105-110 decibels of noise. The cordless chainsaw makes less noise. It makes noise just like a corded circular saw which is about 100 decibels.

Additional Things to Consider on a Cordless Chainsaw

No matter what chainsaw you buy, there are a few things you may want to consider for properly operating the chainsaw. These things will ensure a good and safe cutting experience.

Bar Oil

You need bar oil to operate your chainsaw. In most cases, new chainsaws don’t come with bar oil. You need to order it separately. Don’t use motor oil or any other oil instead of bar oil.

It can burn and damage the bar and chain in the long run. There is biodegradable oil that can be used. If you want to use traditional bar oil, we recommend “Oregon 54-026 bar oil”.

So, try to stay away from motor oil although a lot of people use it and say that they don’t see any difference. However, in the long run, it will reduce the life span.

Tip Guard

You might already know about chainsaw kickback and its danger. We have discussed it below in detail. To prevent accidental kickback, you can use a tip guard aka nose, or kickback guard. It is one of the safety measures which should not be overlooked.

Blade Guard

It is an optional upgrade but we recommend it for people who have an extra concern about safety. Blade guards are plastic sleeves that cover the chain in storage. It prevents injuries caused by unintentional contact with the chain.

“On” Switch

There is an “On” switch in Greenworks, Kobalt, and Husqvarna chainsaw which needs to be pressed to start the saw.

After 1 minute of operating, Greenworks and Husqvarna chainsaw automatically turned off whereas the Kobalt chainsaw still runs for another 20 seconds. This is a safety feature.

Enough Room for gloves

If you plan to use your cordless chainsaw in a cold climate, this is an important factor to consider.

Some chainsaw provides more space between the handle and handguard while others don’t provide that. So, wearing hand gloves may be a bit problematic in those chainsaws.

Why You Should Trust Us?

To compare the chainsaws of different brands and models, we did two things.

  • We tested them by ourselves to see the performance
  • We contacted and surveyed homeowners and chainsaw professionals to know what they think and experience in real cutting operations as we know you will face the same after buying it.

How We Analyze the Test Results?

We know there are a lot of factors to consider regarding how much a chainsaw is worth. But every factor does not weigh the same. Some are more important and some are less. In our testing and survey, we weighted the chainsaw to the below standard.

  • Power and performance – 30%
  • Battery Run Time – 30%
  • Ease of use – 20%
  • Noise and vibration – 10%
  • Others – 10%

The Final Word

These are the 10 cordless chainsaw forums that provide mostly all the essential and necessary features that one cordless chainsaw asks for; All these are affordable to everyone. So, don’t miss the opportunity and buy these now!!