Best Rated Chainsaws That GOT 4.9 Out of 5(By 1k+ Customers)

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When it comes to analyzing the heavy work of cutting trees in order to make firewood, there is not a better thing to do than buying a chainsaw.

Even though it could be smelly, oily and loud, you will be able to drop a tree in under a minute. In a few hours, you can prepare full pickup of trees and when we compare it to an ax or manual saw, we don’t have time to add the benefits of best chainsaw.

You have to understand that chainsaw is not something new, but every year comes new model with great features.

You will also be able to determine, until the end of the article, how to choose and buy a new chainsaw.

That is the reason we decided to present you top 10 best rated chainsaws available on the market that you can choose and at the same time understand why they are popular:

Top 8 Best Rated Chainsaw of 2021

  • BLACK+DECKER Chainsaw LCS1240
  • Greenworks Chainsaw 20262
  • Remington RM1025SPS Chainsaw
  • WORX WG303.1 Powered Chain Saw
  • BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 Chainsaw
  • Greenworks Chainsaw 20312
  • Remington RM1425 Chainsaw
  • WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw

List of 8 Highly Rated Chainsaw

BLACK+DECKER is a renowned power tool and home improvement products manufacturer established in 109 years ago. The LCS1240 model chainsaw is rated high by homeowners and gardeners for a long time.

It has a 40V lithium-ion battery that can give very good cutting performance. You don't need to push the saw hard for faster cutting like gas saw. It can easily cut 8"-10" dead Desert Ironwood into pieces without much effort.

It is 10.4 pounds and the bar length is 12". In most cases, lightweight is more important than bar size. The bar size defines the size that you can make in a single cut. In most home tasks, you don't need to go over 10"-12". However, if you prefer longer bar, you can get other chainsaws with 3-4 extra pounds added.

It is under $200 and comes with x-year warranty. Our editors rate this 4.30 out of 5 for its Lightweight, Maneuverability and Battery life. The Black & Decker LCS1240 – reviewed in full here.


  • 40V MAX Battery (Lithium-Ion ) ensures running for hours
  • No additional tool such as wrench needed for maintaining chain tension.
  • The bar size is 12" (Oregon low-kickback) and enough for most home tasks
  • The Full wrap handle makes it easy to handle for long hours
  • Battery charged pretty fast and within 4-5 hours.


  • Perfect for 70+ elderly people who hate pulling the starter cord
  • The price is less than half the price of the competition
  • Easily fall 14"-15"(in diameter) white birch
  • The 12" bar can do pruning and around the house tasks well.
  • Holding up strong after cutting 2.5-3 cords worth of wood


  • Sometimes it leaks oil
  • Not for heavy-duty tasks
  • If you use it for cutting for firewood for a long time, you may need frequent removal of the housing cover for cleaning spindle-chain area

Greenworks manufactures high-quality and powerful power tools and equipment comparable to gas-power tools for DIY-consumers, homeowners and landscaping professionals. You can expect to get the best cutting power and performance without the mess, fumes, vibration, and noise associated with gas tools.It is a powerful tool and can fell 18 inches (in diameter) tree easily.

This chainsaw is easy for aged people. It is hard for People over 60 to pump primer bulbs and pull starter cords. They may fall over dizzy to start cutting after taking the preparation to operate the saw. Here comes this battery-powered chainsaw to eliminate all these issues of a gas chainsaw.

The 40v 2.0 ah battery is equivalent to a tank of gas chainsaw of similar size. you can easily cut 18"(in diameter) tree and light tasks such as removing damaged barbed wire fence after storm or flood.

Being very lightweight, you can climb over a rope or ladder and use it to take take a limb off. After being used to the tool, you can even use it with one hand for cutting limbs above the head which is out of your reach. This is not recommended if you are not experienced in using a chainsaw.

It comes with a price tag of under 200 and our editor rated this 4.5 out of 5.


  • No-fade battery let the saw run at full speed until charge finished
  • Lightweight battery
  • 40+ minutes cutting operation
  • Fast charging speed.
  • Tool-less chain tensioning system for quick adjustment


  • 12" bar can handle small to medium branches and limbs
  • Auto oiler for smooth running
  • Cushioned Over-Mold Grip handle causes less fatigue
  • Up to 75 cuts on 4X4 lumber with a single charge
  • Good for elderly people due to less mess than a gas saw


  • The chain may loosen after an undercut, but it retightens after a top cut
  • Inappropriate skip chain
  • Not for cutting several cords of firewood every fall


Just replace the stock chain with a normal Oregon chain. It would not cost a lot, but doing so will increase the cutting performance a lot.


Remington is in the power tool industry for more than 98 years. They introduced power tools for demanding duties of loggers.

This chainsaw is perfect for yardwork and homework if you need to cut a lot of remote limbs or fallen trees and cut them into pieces. you can also use it as a standalone saw and cut or fell tree just like any other chainsaw.

if you did not manage a property for a long time, it will have large bushes. you can use it to clear them. if you have a large tree with lots of limbs, this saw can easily reach them and fall them on the ground in a hurry. After you get the branches or limbs, you can easily buck them. Later you can cut them into your desired size for selling or disposal.

The saw cuts fast and is handy for fighting the bayou off the homestead. it can do any type of small jobs around the yard. This is one of those essential tools that a homeowner needs to use now and in the future.

The conversion is easy and takes very little time. Reaching remote branches, falling them and cutting them take half the time it usually takes if you use different tools. This pole saw will save time.

This combo tool can be a great Christmas or birthday gift for someone who lives in a wooded or an urban area. This is perfect for the homeowner but doesn't expect heavy-duty cutting with the chainsaw.

You need a bit strength in your arm to hold it for a long time after extending the poles to 15 feet. otherwise, it may be a little awkward for you.

Overall, it is a nice combo saw for those who need chainsaw and pole saw at the same time at the same place. Our editor rated it 4.3 out of 5 for its features, maneuverability and price. You can read more on the Remington Ranger RM1025SPS review in details.


  • Anti-rotation pole ensures accuracy in cutting tasks.
  • Detachable 2-in-1 Saw
  • Trigger lock-off button prevents accidental starting
  • Cut high branches 10-feet to 15-feet overhead
  • Non-slip grip for safety and comfortable


  • Easy conversion without any tool
  • Cut down branches and limbs from a distance for safety
  • Ideal tool for hard-to-reach small limb trimming
  • Convert pole saw to chainsaw whenever needed and vice-versa.
  • Anti-rotation pole design for stable use


  • Oil leaks in storage
  • A bit heavy when extended all the way

WORX is a well-known brand for lawnmowers and chainsaws. They started manufacturing and selling power tools, lawn, and garden equipment in China since 2004.

This chainsaw is great for light-duty tasks around the yards and gardens. Even though it is not for heavy-duty cutting, but you can use it for occasional medium to heavy-duty cutting projects without much headache.

It can take down 14" tree or trim branches with ease. Do not underestimate its power. It is a beast and very powerful for what it is designed for. You can also fall tree and cut log with this chainsaw.

Being an electric chainsaw, it offers a few extra things that a gas-powered saw can never do. You can assemble and start cutting within 10-15 minutes after you get it. No fuel mix or tune carbs are needed like the gas saws. You just need to put oil in the oil tank for lubrication, plug it into an electric outlet and you can start cutting with the saw.

The weight is around 7 pounds. It is good, not heavy and evenly balanced so it's quite easy to use.

It is easy to use and maintain. Even lumber "jills" can operate without much tension for safety. You certainly not need to be a lumberjack for running and cutting through it. This saw is very popular among 60+ women as it is not more than a sewing machine for them once they are used to it.

it has an automatic chain tensioning system to keep proper tension. you don't need to worry about over-tightening. The built-in mechanism prevents it.

It has a lot of safety features keeping in mind that it will be used for a casual homeowner. It has no kick tip to avoid kickback injury. For average people, this is a good thing. However, you cannot use it for carving a tight area. In most cases, a homeowner never needs to make a cut in a tight area.

The bad thing about the chainsaw is that you cannot get repair parts if needed. You need to buy a new chainsaw even if you need just a new motor brush which is only $5. After the warranty period is up, the tool will be disposable. However, using 3 years for the price is worth enough. Make sure to read more about the Worx WG303.1 in our full review.

Overall, this is a nice chainsaw for a yard. Our editor rated it 4.1 out of 5 for its durability, unbelievable value & performance.


  • 14.5 Amp motor for consistent performance
  • Auto chain tensioning system for preventing over-tightening
  • Chain brake for more safety
  • Oil tank with level indication removes the need for frequent checking
  • Tool-less bar adjuster
  • Easy-to-lubricate sprocket extends the tool life.


  • Lightweight, durable and dependable
  • plenty of power/powerful

  • aggressive chain

  • easy to use
  • chain tensioning system works well


  • may need an extension cord
  • chain loose when making tight cuts

Since its establishment, Black & Decker never fails to draw customers' attention with its innovative power tools & accessories. In 1917, they introduced a portable electric drill and patented a good number of tools in the following year.It has got good rating among customers due to its easiness to operate and lightweight.

With its 20v power, it can cut aspen and pine very well. You can expect to cut a good pile of logs with a single charge. It is also good at falling trees, but large trees such as 50+ foot(in height) Aspen trees are not recommended. But you can cut any fallen tree into small sections to haul out of the woods with this saw.

It weighs only 7.2 pounds and easy to carry anywhere you want. It is small and easily maneuverable in tight spaces. Check out our full review of this super Black & Decker LCS1020.

It has a price tag of under 200 and it makes B&D a winner. Our editor has rated this 4.30 out of 5 for its overall quality, cutting performance and battery life.


  • 20v battery power makes fast and efficient cuts
  • Battery stays charged 5 times more
  • Easily get 30-40 of 3-4"cuts per charge
  • 10" bar for fast cuts
  • Tool-free chain tensioning for fast chain adjustments


  • Cutting fallen branches easily
  • Well-designed

  • Made of quality metal and plastic. Feels premium.

  • Very light-weight
  • Feel safe as it is not as fast as a gas chainsaw
  • No need to stop the chainsaw for adjusting the chain tension


  • No auto oiling system
  • Less powerful than gas-powered saw

If you need something more powerful than a hedge cutter, this saw is for you.

Greenworks is fairly a new name in the power tools industry compared to another popular brand such as HUSQVARNA or DEWALT. Although they are in the market for around 12+ years, they have made a good reputation for their innovative technology in battery-powered tools.

The 16" bar and chain is more than enough for the tough tasks any homeowner might have. It is very similar to Husqvarna 435 and delivers almost the same performance. In some cases, Husqvarna 435 gives better performance but in terms of the easiness in maintaining a corded and gas saw, everybody will prefer corded saw.

It is 10.4 pounds and you can use it anywhere you have an electric outlet. You can use it in Spring, Summer, and Fall. This saw is good for every season. You can trim or buck tree.

Although it does not need as much maintenance as a gas chainsaw, you need to clear it before and after performing a cutting operation. To take proper care of the saw, make sure you clean out the housing over the chain and remove oil caked sawdust from it.

It comes with a price tag of under 250 and our editor rated this 4.3 out of 5 for its impressive power, long battery life and performance. Make sure to read more about the Greenworks 20312 G-Max in our full review.


  • Brushless motor for more torque and quiet operation
  • Up to 150 cuts on a 4 AH battery
  • Chain brake for added safety
  • Auto oiler keeps the chain lubricated
  • Other features: clear oil tank and Tool-less chain tensioning


  • Cut large trunks
  • Longer run-time
  • 30% more torque
  • 70% less vibration for operator comfort in operation.
  • Chain brake reduces unintentional or accidental kick-backs


  • Leaks bar oil


Just make sure you empty the oil tank after using it. You can run in for 1-2 minutes after that to ensure there is no oil in the container to be leaked.

Remington was founded about 98 years ago by Arthur Mall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It started selling gasoline and electrically powered drills and saws in the early days.

It has an 8-amp motor and can trim small limbs and cut bushes perfectly. You can lower hanging and fallen limbs. It is designed for cutting light stuff and it can do that work very well.

With its 8-amp power, you cannot expect a super-fast cutting performance but the cutting speed is ok for most of your daily and weekend tasks. You can buy a chainsaw with more power for more demanding tasks, but it will create issues like more weight, limited extension cord and overloading electric outlets.

Although it is not as powerful as a gas chainsaw, it can handle medium-duty tasks taking a bit more time. You can fell 16" tree in diameter or even palm tree, cut through logs and prepare firewood.

The stock chain is very sharp. If this is your first chainsaw, you need to handle it carefully. Over-time, every chain gets dull. Some factors such as rocks, concrete, metal, or dirt can hasten the process. It happens mainly when you have to cut out stumps. If you are careful in this situation, you can run it for a long time.

After you earn a bit of experience you can replace the chain for faster cutting and better performance. I don't know why the replacement chain always works better than the stock chain. Just buy an Oregon S50 chain, 3/8" pitch, low profile, anti-kickback, 0.050" gauge and 50 links. As we highlight in the full Remington Limb N Trim RM1425 review, with a replacement chain, you can do even more with the same 8-amp motor.

Overall, it is a great chainsaw for a small yard and garden. You can manage proper landscaping and do the cleanup for any occasion. 


  • WRAPAROUND HANDGUARD protects from flying debris
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Instant starts without any sound or fuel
  • The low-kickback bar for a smooth cut
  • If you check tightness like all saws, the chain never jumped off


  • Good for arbor maintenance tasks.
  • Lightweight and efficient
  • Get through decent size limbs.

  • Good for yardwork
  • Very user-friendly and easy to maintain


  • Manual oiler
  • No automatic chain adjustment
  • Oil leaks


The reason for the oil leak is air pressure. Just loosen the oil tank cap. It will prevent oil leaking in storage.

WORX is a Chinese brand that sells high-quality power tools since 2004. Despite the china fact, their product quality is almost the same as other renowned USA brands. Positec Tool Corporation which owns Worx sold products to well-known brands like Black & Decker.

If you own a home, you cannot avoid a few things. no matter how lazy or careless you are, you need to manage them and take proper care of of them is to manage the yard or garden. you cannot do it without a chainsaw. Worx WG304.1 is made for such a homeowner.

It can handle almost any tasks around the house, yard, and garden. it can take down 60-70 ft(in length) pines, Cottonwood and cedar trees. You can also cut large chunks and use them for seasonal cutting in summer or winter.

The saw is good at both falling trees and slicing them into multiple pieces. It does not bog for cutting light to medium-duty tasks.

You can clear storm damage. if any massive tree is fallen in your yard, you can reduce the size for quick disposal with ease. Within a few hours, it can turn a massive oak tree(6 ft diameter at the base) into disposable smaller logs.

However, I strongly suggest making sure that you know what you are going to do before taking down a massive tree. you may need to cut through the pressure points and cutting from underneath etc. Falling such a tree may take-out power, cable & phone lines.

Overall, our editor rated this saw 4 out of 5 for its price, the quality, and the performance.


  • 15.0 Amp motor for powerful cutting
  • Exclusive auto-tension system for avoiding over-tightening
  • Chain brake stops the chain within seconds in case of improper contact
  • Rubberized rear handle for more comfort and better grip
  • The oversized knob secures the bar and chain automatically


  • Pleasure to operate
  • Great power
  • Well made
  • No need to mess with bar tension
  • Plenty of torque and power to cut and trim anything


  • No replacement part. It will be disposed of after the warranty period(3 years) finishes.

Shopping Guide for Best Chainsaws

There are many reasons why you should buy new and best chainsaw, and the most important one is that this is an investment and you must find the appropriate one that will handle all work that you have. You have to consider many factors before you decide for purchasing it and we decided to present you some of them that will give you the possibility to buy best chainsaw:

  • Motor & Bar – This is not the idea of which motor is strongest or biggest, you need perfect combination between cutting bar and motor because only that way you will get a perfect machine that will make your job done efficient and fast in the same time.
  • Operational Factors – These features are important also because it will help you handle best chainsaw better. These features are auto-tensioners, anti-vibration handles and the durability of the chain.
  • Safety – You must follow regulations which are different in every state and country, however, it is always better to choose the eco-friendly chainsaw.

The Final Word

We have presented you the best chainsaw, and even though, you want to buy the one that will be perfect for you, it is always better to have more information before you do it. The reason for that is simple, you want to buy the best chainsaw that will last longer and that will be effective for a job that you want to do. With all these information, you will know where to start.

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