Best Chainsaw For The Money that Worth Every PENNY (Proved)

Are you looking for the best electric chainsaw for the money?

Then look no further. We've done all the heavy lifting for you and reviewed ten of the top electric chainsaws on the market that worth every penny.

Remember, anyone who owns tools around the house knows how important it is when adding a new addition to make the right choice.

Since there are thousands of brands, it can be a difficult task to know which one to buy and which one to avoid.

More importantly, when choosing a chainsaw, there are some big differences in gas chainsaws vs electric chainsaws.

Make sure you choose the right one! 

​Top Picks

The reason why many people are switching over to electric chainsaws is that they are better on the environment and all around easier and cleaner to use.

Most of them come with better safety options, not to mention flipping a switch when you need to cut a limb or branch is a lot easier than pushing in a carburetor bulb and yanking on a string for an hour, only for your saw not to start.

The main thing to look for in your new electric chainsaw is that it's affordable, safe, and can get the job done.

Since there are so many different options to choose from we have reviewed some of the best electric chainsaws that you can purchase both online and at a hardware store of your choice today.  

Top ​7 ​Best ​Chainsaws of 20​20 For The Money 

  • ​DEWALT Cordless Chainsaw DCCS620B
  • ECHO 16 In Cordless Chainsaw
  • ECHO 12 in. ChainSaw
  • Greenworks ​Cordless Chainsaw, ​20262
  • HUSQVARNA 435 16in 40.9cc 2.2hp Gas Powered Chainsaw
  • Makita Cordless 12" Chain Saw XCU02Z
  • WEN Brushless Chainsaw 40417

List of ​Chainsaw That Worth The Money

DEWALT Cordless Chainsaw DCCS620B (20V MAX & 12 in. Bar)

Raymond E. DeWalt founded DeWalt in 1923. After acquiring ELU(power tool manufacturer for woodworking) from Germany in 1994, DeWalt started using ELU's technology and started launching a good number of power tools for construction, manufacturing and woodworking professionals.

With the 20v battery, you can use it for clean up brush and cut off branches from trees. You can slice small limbs like butter and easily cut 30" pine tree of 8"-10" in diameter. You can use it in the yard and do any type of yard task without any issue.

You can clear small stumps and other trees in small sizes. If you manage a backyard, sometimes, you may face issue like trees come down on backyard fence. In that case, you can use this chainsaw for removing them with ease and comfort.

​It weighs only 8.8 pounds. Being very lightweight, it is easy to haul in the yard cart during clean up process. you can also easily make cuts on the ground. 

​On average, the battery lasts 3/4 days for casual homeowners. Along with this, it does not create noise and fumes. The bar size is 12" but it is enough for most tasks. All you need is to make cuts at different angles.

​It comes with a price tag of under $200 and our editor has rated it 4.5 out of 5 for its performance, budget and battery life.


  • 12" Low kickback chain for construction
  • BRUSHLESS MOTOR ensures longer run time
  • knob for adjusting chain and bar tension
  • Compact design for more control
  • Small size: width 9 inches, length 25 inches

​Additional features

Scabbard, Anti-Vibration Handle, Chain Brake, Cordless, Safety Throttle, Front-Hand Guard, Automatic Chain Oiler, Trigger Lock, Anti-Kickback, Quick Release Air Filter


  • ​Portable and Lightweight
  • ​Auto Oiling System prevents the chain and bar from being dry
  • ​​Oil level indicator removes the guesswork
  • ​​Does not drink much oil like other saws
  • ​​Very quiet


  • ​No guns on any side
  • ​​No option to add felling dogs
  • ​​Not for firewood stockpiling
  • ​​Oil leaks if not used for a long time

Since its foundation, the Echo has been manufacturing high-quality tools for arborist and landscaping professionals. The battery backup time is impressive. You may need to take a break before the battery finishes.

You can use it for household tree trimming, cutting up a tree or limbing up the tree in front yard or driveway.

It has 58v battery and you can use it to drop trees in the backyard and turn any tree /wood into firewood with ease and comfort. Surprisingly, the chainsaw does not bog down for cutting a large tree-like apple tree.

It is 13.7 pounds and is not heavy at all.

If you use 16” gas Poulan or any gas saw earlier, you will never want to go back to those after using this chainsaw for similar tasks.

It comes with 4 ah battery that can continue cutting for 1.5 hrs. It also takes much less time to recharge. You can expect full charge within 30-40 minutes.

It costs under $350 and this is a relatively good price for the power and features. ​Our editor rated this 4.8 for its ​maneuverability, ​battery life, and ​lightweight. Check ​other highly good rated chainsaws here.


  • Brushless motor delivers superior power
  • 16" bar for aggressive cutting
  • Auto-oiler ensures longer chain life
  • Wrap around handle minimizes user fatigue
  • Inertia chain brake for added safety
  • A side-mounted chain tensioning system makes the chain adjustments quicker and easier.


  • ​Control Cutting by variable speed trigger
  • ​Longer run-time 
  • ​​Metal parts make it more durable
  • ​​Works flawlessly
  • ​No oil leak
  • ​Onboard tool storage for user convenience


  • ​It has plastic dogs
  • ​​Thin bar and chain
  • ​No Anti-vibration handle


If you think the bar and chain are thin, just buy a wide bar and chain from Oregon. Echo parts are not better than Oregon when it comes to bar or chain.

Echo is in the power tool industry for more than 40 years and now sells through 10 distributors and 6,600 dealers around North America. Echo cs-271T is well known for its lightweight and plenty of power in terms of size.

This saw cannot work good for felling trees or cutting firewood. But this chainsaw works better than big saws for doing small tasks such as limbing or clearing staff around a big tree.

It can also cut branches around the fence line that goes down the hillside.

Due to its small size, you can use it for carving. For this purpose(carving), it is better than stihl according to most sculptures.

It is only 6.6 pounds. The weight and power make it easy and efficient to maneuver. It saves time and working hours.

The lightweight & power of the saw aloud us to maneuver quickly & efficiently, saving time & man-hours.

It comes with a price tag of under $350 and ​worth every dollar. It comes with a 1-year warranty for commercial use and a 5-year warranty for p​ersonal use.


  • Best for tree service professionals
  • Clutch-driven oiler for low oil consumption
  • Side-access tensioner system for adjusting proper chain tension
  • Inertia- chain brake for more safety
  • Purge bulb for clean and fresh fuel to the carburetor
  • Lanyard clip for easy belt attachment


  • ​Rear-mounted air filter cover for easy access
  • ​Needs less effort for starting due to i-30TM starting system
  • Reduced air filter maintenance for G-Force Engine Air Pre-Cleaner

  • ​Good for minor pruning, trimming and limbing
  • ​The lightweight makes it ultra-portable
  • ​​Great for climbing around in a tree


  • ​Plastic handle
  • Not for cutting a winter worth of firewood

Greenworks was founded in 2007 and has become the leader in the outdoor power tools industry in a very short period of time. They are famous for their lithium-ion battery-powered tools and equipment.

With its 20v battery, you can use it to fall tree, cut up trees over the fence line, remove grapevines and many more.

Today most homeowners prefer to get the power from the wall instead of going to gas station. Another reason, if you hate yanking on a rope until your arm wants to fall off, you will love this cordless chainsaw. If now, there are many other good battery operated chainsaw in the market.

Being lightweight and easy to maintain, almost anyone (even 65 yr. old woman of 5'4") can handle it safely.

In short, this is an all-purpose backyard chainsaw for the homeowner for any type of task you may face now or in the near future.

It costs under 200 and it may be a little pricey, but worth the money in every way. Our editor rated this chainsaw 4.5 out of 5 for its value for the money.


  • knob for quick chain adjustment
  • Translucent oil tank makes oil refilling easier
  • Variable trigger speed for controlling cutting speed
  • Fade-free power ensure the same speed till the battery finishes
  • The rear handle provides excellent control during overhead use.


  • ​chain brake for added safety
  • ​12" bar perfect for cutting branches and limbs
  • ​auto oiler makes the bar and chain more durable
  • ​the battery lasted an unbelievably long time
  • perfect for boards


  • ​the chain has too few teeth
  • need to tighten the chain several times each session

You can easily remove the stock chain and install a normal Oregon chain. It will fix all the problems.

The Husqvarna Group is the older company among all the other companies in the chainsaw industry. It was founded in 1689 in Sweden. They introduced exclusive Low Vib® anti-vibration dampeners that absorb vibration and reduce user fatigue.

With its 40.9cc engine and 2.2 HP, it is powerful and cuts well. You can do limbing, cut timber bamboo or even use it for fairly heavy-duty cutting. For cutting 6"-10" in diameter, this chainsaw works great.

You can use it frequently for home repair or small projects without any issue for a long time. It can save a lot of money on repair, cutting or clearing cost.

It weighs 11.9 pounds. It is Lightweight but has plenty of power for cutting. It takes 3-4 pulls of cord for starts. It starts every time.

The stock chain that comes with it, is good but if you want, you can replace it with a full chisel chain for faster cutting speed and smooth operation.

It has a tool-less chain tensioning system that allows quick and easy chain tensioning.

It comes with a price tag of under 250. It is an excellent tool at an incredible price. Our editor rated it 4.3 out of 5 for its value for the money.


  • Snap-lock cylinder cover helps save time when changing spark plugs and cleaning
  • Low Vib® reduces vibration levels
  • Air Injection reduces wear and improves engine life
  • X-Torq makes fuel consumption lower
  • The ergonomic rear handle ensures the operator's comfort
  • Equipped with a fuel pump for easy fueling
  • Forged three-piece crankshaft for maximum durability for the toughest applications


  • ​​Very low exhaust emission
  • Easy to start and maneuver

  • Auto return stop switch for easier starting

  • Fairly heavy use

  • ​​Well-built and powerful
  • Easy Cold start

  • Felling marks offer better felling protection


  • ​May contain noticeable scuffs, scratches or discoloration
  • ​​Leaks oil
  • Difficult hot re-start

​​Most gas chainsaws have the same issue for hot re-start including Poulan and Stihl.

Makita, a Japanese manufacturer has been providing best-in-class power tools for 100+ years. Due to their continuous research and development, they manufacture unmatched quality and durable power tools for homeowners, contractors, and professionals.

The FPM (Frame rate Per Minute) is 1,650 and it is just like a sword for cutting small logs and tree limbs. You can clear debris after a storm easily. The cutting speed is perfect for pruning and you can do landscaping. Even if you own a landscaping business, you can use it for delivering services.

This is a go-to tool for every homeowner who needs to manage their own yard or garden. If you are a DIY homeowner and love to do your own work, this tool will surely save a lot of money on repair, cutting or clearing cost.

It has a lot of exclusive features from Makita that no other brand is not offering at the moment. One of them is the built-in fan. It cools the batter and ensures faster and efficient charging.

Some people hate battery-powered chainsaw because the battery needs to be charged before every time and it kills a lot of time.

With Makita's innovative battery and charger, you need to spend less time charging batteries and more time working. This will save a lot of time. These batteries are charged up to 3 times faster compared to traditional batteries.

It is only ​8 pounds and it is light enough to handle and use all day long. Apart from this, it is very abuse friendly and more durable. The internal component is water, dust and debris resistant. You can use it in any condition and season without much worry.

It is easy to operate. You can call it one-handed saw. You can use it with one hand but I recommend not to do it until you are confident enough and never cut above the head with one hand.

You can use it before a camping trip for wood or on a hunting spot to clear a trail without noise.

Our editor rated this x out of 5 for its features, maneuverability, and price. The Makita XCU02Z – reviewed in full here.


  • Exclusive LXT® technology provides upto 3X faster charging,50% more run-time and 50% longer motor life.
  • Tool-less chain tensioning system for easy adjustment
  • Exclusive XPT(Extreme Protection Technology) for dust and water resistance
  • Rubberized soft grip for easy handling and applying cutting pressure
  • L.E.D indicators to display charge level for individual battery


  • ​​Great for the DIY homeowner
  • Faster cutting

  • Low noise only at 87 dB(A)

  • ​Lightweight to reduce operator fatigue
  • ​Tolerate any harsh job site conditions
  • ​Built-in protection against overloading, over-discharging, and over-heating
  • ​​​Perfect for the occasional tree clearing


  • ​​Not for cutting through a whole cord of wood
  • ​​Not for prolonged tree felling
  • ​​Oil may leak but has an adjustment screw to turn off on the bottom

WEN is in the power tool industry for more than 68-years. Their ongoing research and development make them different from other brands.

It can cut down 8"-10" Juniper tree is like a block of cream cheese. it is also good for any other 6"-10" tree branches. you can cut 16" (at the base) pine tree with ease.

​It is a real workhorse for small projects.yes. it is capable of doing large projects but it may take a bit more time.  you can take down 16" (at the base) pine tree, 18" limb or manage 5-6 acres of trees around your home with very little effort. Well, you will not feel "cutting like pastrami" doing these tasks, but your work will be done.

It can cut 3" to 6" branches or limbs within 1-3 seconds and 10"-14" branches or limbs within 15-25 seconds.you can use this saw for cutting wood for fireplace or chimney stove without any problem.

The battery lasts long. With a fully charged battery, you can expect to load a full truck with a pile of wood. You can expect 2.50-3.00 cutting operation for typical tasks in a single session with full charge. Keep in mind that run-time depends on wood density, length, and weight.

You can expect 30-40 minutes of run-time for deeper cuts. In case, if you need to run it for the whole day, just take some extra batteries with yourself.

Being a battery powered it is relatively easy to turn off and on due to moving wood around. The extension cord of corded saw gets tangled in bushes and gas chainsaw creates noise in idle.

It runs very quietly and doesn't create much noise to get noticed. You can even run it without ear protection.

Overall, it is an incredible saw with the good build quality. Even though the brand name is not well-known you would not be unhappy with the build quality.


  • Brushless motor for better performance and cutting
  • 4Ah fade-free lithium-ion battery will seem to last forever for average tasks
  • The auto-oiling system has huge oil tank for running long time
  • Tool-less chain tensioning system makes it extremely easy to adjust
  • 16-inch Oregon chain speed is 49 FPS(Feet per second).
  • Handguard and Chain Brake for real safety


  • ​Low noise & low maintenance
  • Will start up after every winter

  • The battery seems to last forever
  • ​Comes apart easily for cleaning out the sawdust after a job

  • ​No buildup of oily sawdust paste on the drive sprocket

  • ​​Long battery life(at least 100 cuts)
  • ​​Does not bog down easily.


  • ​1-second delay to start after pressing the trigger
  • The battery does not have enough working time.


This WEN 4017 is a high performance saw at a very reasonable price. Considering other brands, I found Husqvarna, Echo or sun Joe saw is more expensive. Greenworks is good but has oil leak issues.

If you doubt the low cutting power of the saw because it is battery-powered, you will be wrong. Your suspicion is groundless.

This can do all the things that an average person needs.If you are not buying it for logging professionally, you will love it.