Best Electric Chainsaw – VARIABLE Trigger Speed (3+ Options)

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A lot of people go for gas chainsaw when they want to buy a chainsaw.

It’s unfortunate that most users don’t know that we have an electric chainsaw.

The electric chainsaws are cheaper, lightweight and don’t make much noise when used in your compound or yard.

The electric chainsaw is designed with some attributes that make them one of the best products in the market.

What should you consider for an informed decision?

This article discusses all the questions you may want to ask about the best electric chainsaw.

So, let’s get started and check out some of the best electric chainsaws out there:

Top 8 Best Electric Chainsaw of 2021

  • Greenworks Electric Chainsaw 20222
  • Makita UC4051A 16" Electric ChainSaw
  • Remington 2-in-1 Pole Saw & Chainsaw RM1025SPS
  • Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim 8 Amp 14-Inch Chainsaw
  • WORX WG303.1 Powered Chain Saw
  • WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw 18-Inch 15.0 Amp
  • WORX WG305.1 Electric Chain Saw
  • WEN 4017 Electric Chainsaw, 16"

List of Electric Chainsaw

The chainsaw below is supported by accompanying specifications and reviews, so you can thoroughly assess what this machine can best meet your needs.

Although Greenworks is well-known for their cordless power tools, they started manufacturing corded tools since 2011 with a 24-volt fade-free li-ion battery. They now offer 24-volt, 40-volt, 60-volt, 80-volt, and 82-volt power tools and equipment.

With its powerful 10.5 amp motor, it cuts quickly and easily.

You can cut off branches, 12"- trunk and you can even make cuts close to the ground with much ease and comfort.

For big tasks, you can even fall 34"-36" palm tree and cut it into small pieces for storage.

The 14 in. bar makes clean up jobs a child's play. It has an instant start and stop switch. Whenever you drag the power switch, it will start rolling and stops immediately whenever you release it. This is very useful for trimming and cutting small limbs where you need to maneuver a lot.

You can clear trees fallen from a hurricane or cut up trees for firewood. You may just find Greenworks 20222 – reviewed in full here.


  • Metal Bucking Spikes
  • Auto Oiler makes sure the best cutting performance
  • Translucent Oil Tank ensures clear oil view
  • Variable Trigger Speed for controlling chain speed
  • Tool-less Chain Tensioning allows quick tightening
  • 50% lighter and less noise


  • 14" Oregon bar for cutting branches and logs
  • The motor does not get over-heated
  • Can take much abuse
  • Starts and stops within seconds
  • Wrap around handle makes the operation more comfortable


  • Need power cord extension
  • Oil leaks
  • No Brushless Motor


The oil leak issue is common in most chainsaw. After each use, make sure you empty the oil tank completely. After that, run it for 1-2 minutes before keeping it on storage.

Makita is a power tools manufacturing company that has 100 years of reputation for research and innovation. Right now, it has become a popular global brand and selling its product across 40 countries.

With Its 2,900 FPM, it cuts like a bugger. It is very powerful for cutting and trimming jobs. You can cut and trim oak, Chinese elm, crepe myrtle, and madrona. You can also use it to cut wood for indoor and outdoor fires.

With its soft start, it is very user-friendly and it ensures smooth operation. It stops almost instantly whenever you release the trigger. This makes it safe for beginner chainsaw operators.

It is 12.3 pounds and very lightweight and easy to handle for limbing.

It has a lot of built-in safety features to protect the operator and the motor. One of them is the built-in current limiter. It turns off the motor in case there is an overload in electricity or you push the saw very hard for cutting faster. This saves the motor from burnout.

It has a large oil tank. It has a view window so that you can check the oil level before filling it. This saves a lot of time by minimizing the need to re-check frequently. You should check the oil level before starting any cutting operation every time.

Like any other corded tool, the cord limits its working area. However, you can easily override this by using a Honda 2000 watt generator. If you want to work in a remote area or off the grid, you need to use an extension cord or a mini generator. If you are a professional operator, you might prefer a generator to an extension cord in most cases.

For the homeowner who has a large property to manage can lose some portability as it needs an electric outlet. However, even after 1-2 years, it starts every time without any problem which is rare for gas-chainsaw. This feature makes it great for homeowners who need to use a chainsaw 2-3 times a year.

Our editor rated this 4.5 out of 5 for its features, easiness, and price. 


  • Tool-less bar and chain for easy and quick adjustment
  • The grip handles are rubberized for comfortable handling
  • Built-in current limiter to prevent burnout
  • Clear oil window for easier sight check
  • Electric chain brake for increased safety and productivity


  • Fast cutting
  • Stops immediately after letting go of the trigger.
  • Easy maintenance
  • Adjust or replace bar and chain with turning a lever
  • Large trigger switch for easy and smooth operation
  • Auto oiler for lubricating the bar and chain for continuous cutting


  • The stock chain is a bit narrower.
  • May need a funnel for filling oil

  • No brushless motor


Easy to set up and use

For the occasional use homeowner


Remington was founded in 1921 by Arthur Mall in Milwaukee, USA. They introduced their first chainsaw in 1954.

This is a 2-in-1 pole saw and chainsaw. You can convert anytime it from polo sale to chainsaw and chainsaw to a pole saw without any conversion tool. The process is very easy and does not need much effort.

You can cut mature fir, river birch, and crate myrtle limbs. You can also use it to trim tree branches.

The saw is good at cutting remote limbs and the chainsaw at cutting them into pieces. You can cut scrap lumber for disposal without the mast.

Sometimes, we face limbs growing at an awkward angle. The saw can zip through 8"-10" limbs(in diameter) and cut them very well.

You can extend the aluminum poles up to 10 feet and can reach up to 15 feet in total distance. You can easily catch any remote limbs and perfectly cut them.

The weight is very light and you can use it on tree climbing deer stand to climb on a healthy tree and start cutting any dying tree or limbs from 10-12 feet away.

Even with its full length, it is easy to balance the rope, extension cord and saw on a deer stand. You can expect a little to no kickback in a risky situation like this.

If you cannot decide what you need between gas-powered chainsaw or electric polo saw, this chainsaw can fulfill both their requirements. You can cut remote limbs and cut them into many smaller pieces for easy storage or disposal. You can also use the chainsaw as a standalone chainsaw and cuts logs or firewood.

It is easy to handle and is not wobble at its full length. It can be fitted on quality fiberglass pol for carrying.

Apart from these features, it works very silently and does not create much noise. Your neighbor might not even notice that you are running a saw. Make sure to read more about the Remington Ranger RM1025SPS in our full review.


  • 2-in-1 Detachable Saw
  • Tool-less conversion
  • Easy flip & lock clamps for fixing pole length
  • Adjustable 10-feet aluminum poles for extended reach
  • Anti-rotation pole design
  • Non-slip grip


  • Cuts overhead branches easily and safely
  • Instant start
  • 10" bar and chain ensures easy lopping and pruning
  • Take down branches and cut them at the same place at the same time
  • Reach up to 15 feet
  • Safe for overhead cutting


  • Bar and chain oil may leak after use
  • Extended version a bit heavy to handle

Arthur Mall founded Remington In 1921 as a small company. They always surprise the power tool industry with their innovative tool designs. In the 1990s, they released electric chainsaws and pole saws

This saw is perfect for light trimming. You can easily reach and Trim branches. If you have a lot of small saplings or shrubs around your home or yard, you can reach and trim them with ease and comfort.

It has a small 8 amp motor to roll the chain, but never underestimate this little chainsaw. you can take down Sweetgum tree or any other tree of similar size. It can even fall 20ft high tree(26" in diameter). This can take care of small to medium backyard.

It cuts fast. you can cut limbs off a small yard into small pieces in about an hour or less. If you are the person who runs chainsaw on weekend for clearing or managing the property, you can do that within a short period of time with this saw.

It is very easy to operate. You just need to plug it into an electric outlet on the wall and start cutting. If you never own or use any chainsaw, just take it to discover the mystery. You would not be disappointed.

It has Kickback Nose for added safety but unfortunately, there is no Vibration Damping mechanism, Automatic Brake or Bar Sprocket. At the price point, it is also nearly impossible to offer such features. Furthermore, you will not run it for hours after hours, so these advanced features are not very important for average light tasks.

It can save a lot by eliminating the need for hiring a tree trimming company. Investing in a tool-less than $50, you can save $400-$500 that a professional tree company charges.

This saw can also clear the backyard during and after a storm. You don't need to spend on a very powerful saw for such tasks. This small chainsaw can do that pretty well.

There are a few people who face a few problems in the chain such as coming off the bar spontaneously, loosing within a few seconds and therefore needs tightening the chain frequently. These are not the faults in the tool. If you assembled it correctly, you will never face such problems.

If you don't bog it down and take a break between cuts for cooling off the saw, it will last longer without any trouble. Read Remington Limb N Trim RM1425 – reviewed in full here.


  • Compact design
  • Push-button Oiler for chain lubrication
  • WRAPAROUND HAND GUARD to protect hands from debris
  • External adjustment screw for chain tensioning
  • Fully assembled


  • lightweight
  • Good for residential limbing

  • the reliable tensioning system keeps your chain running smooth

  • no sound or smell from idling
  • easy to operate and maneuver


  • no auto oiler
  • no tool-less chain tensioning system

WORX WG303.1 Powered Chain Saw review

Positec Tool Corporation owns and has been distributing WORX products such as power tools, lawn, and garden equipment for more than 15 years. Earlier, the company manufactured and sold products to renowned brands like B&D(Black & Decker) as OEM(original equipment manufacturer)

This is a go-to saw for a homeowner who needs yearly or semi-yearly taming and trimming. You can easily use it for branches and limbs. Sometimes, you may have some unmanaged trees growing in the yard. You can also handle them.

Using the proper cutting technique, You can trim big branches such as 10"-15" branches. You can even take down a gigantic Russian olive tree with a bit of effort. For smaller branches such as 2"-10", it is a monster and never fails.

The auto-tensioning system has a knob. It is big in size and easy to grip. It maintains tension during the cutting operations. So, you don't need to check the chain tension frequently and waste time on it. The stock chain is good but with a more decent and sharp chain, you can expect more smooth and faster cutting without much noise.

The auto oiler works very well. You should use lower viscosity oil for better oiling than usual. Winter weight (thinner/lower viscosity) chain oil is recommended. You can find it on Amazon or any local hardware store.

Each corded tool needs an extension cord for more reach. This chainsaw requires a minimum 14-Gauge wire. You can also use lower gauge wire such as 12,10 or 8. The lower in gauge means the longer wire that can provide the required power to the saw.

It is easy to start. As easy as you receive a phone call, just pull the trigger.

No need for tuneups. No noise when it is idle. No danger fuel spills or fumes. You can safely keep it under your bed.

It also has a few problems. The extension cord may get tangled in the brush which makes a little mess to handle. Secondly, if you have no generator, you cannot use it for clearing storm damage as in such a situation you will face power outage. Check out the full review of this Worx WG303.1.


  • Auto chain tensioning system for extended bar & chain life
  • Chain brake for preventing accidental kick-back
  • Automatic oil lubrication for maximum cutting performance
  • All-metal dogs
  • 16" bar for added stability in cutting operation
  • 4.0 peak horsepower for tough jobs


  • Easy to maneuver
  • Quiet 

  • No tip kickback

  • Easy maintenance
  • Clean operation


  • Need an extension cord for distant area
  • Drinks a lot of oil

WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw

Positec Tool Corporation (which owns WORX) has innovative product ideas that make them different from other brands. They got the "Product of the Year award" by DIY Week WORX TriVac leaf blower/vacuum in 2011.

Some people who use gas-powered chainsaw a lot, consider electric models less powerful. well, I cannot deny the fact that gas-powered chainsaw is good for demanding tasks. But this Worx WG304.1 is not a toy. It is a real tool with some real power for most cutting tasks. It outperforms 20" Huskvarna in both power and performance. In some cases, this saw could cut the things that a 20"-Huskvarna cannot do with its full throttle.

It goes through 13"-15" huge limbs(in diameter) like hot butter. It has the power to cut the massive trunk of 4ft in diameter. Obviously, you cannot do it with one single cut as the bar size is small. You just need to cut around the 3 sides of it to reduce the size and then try to remove it.

It is easy to make cuts above the ground for cutting trunk. You can also cut down "petrified" tree trunks of 3ft-4ft in diameter with ease.

It can cut palm trees within 2 minutes and you can expect the logs(in your desired size) into your trailer within 2-3 hours. Similarly, it can easily take down a 22ft Christmas tree without much effort.

The chain is good but not the best one available on the market. You can use semi-chisel oregan s62 for faster cutting. It is better and lasts longer than OEM ones.

For reaching a long tree or cutting site, you may need to use an extension cord. Make sure you use heavy-duty 100ft 15amp extension cord for outdoor use.

It is easy to learn and handle. You don't need to be a chainsaw-wielding mountain man for cutting a tree with it.

The oil reservoir is huge to contain enough oil for long operation. The auto chain tightening feature will exceed your expectations.  

Worth every penny, and then some! our editor rated it 4.3 out of 5 for its unbelievable value and performance.


  • The exclusive auto-tension system ensures proper chain tension for hundreds of uses
  • Low kickback bar ensures safety
  • Chain brake for minimizing the risks of injury
  • Auto oiler for proper lubrication
  • Fully assembled


  • Powerful and reliable
  • Cuts through the woods nice and swift
  • Easy chain tightening
  • Easy to operate
  • Lightweight


  • No spare parts
  • Cheap plastic drive gears


If you never own a chainsaw, you will feel like a Viking after getting it. Just read the manual properly, watch a few videos on chainsaw usages and make sure not to hit the dirt as it can damage the edge quickly. You can use it for a long time.

WORX WG305.1 Electric Chain Saw

Since its foundation in 2004, Worx has been working to turn innovative ideas into reality.  Their TriVac cordless electric leaf blower doubles as a vacuum. Their yard cart known as WORX AeroCart has 8 different features.

This chainsaw is great for most of the residential yard tasks. You can trim trees, cut hickory and oak and even take down massive Palo Verde.

If you use it for a few days, it will be your favorite yard tool. It can fell trees. Although it comes with a 14" bar, you can cut down a 20' Canadian cherry tree without much effort. You can also cut the stump and make it ground level. In some case, it performs the same as 18"-gas-powered Stihl

It's a Beast for cutting fallen 10" - 12" limbs from hardwood trees. You can easily clear saplings and honeysuckle bushes around your home or yard without any trouble.

You can also do clean up projects for damage caused by tropical storm or Hurricane. In such situations, trees get split and make contact with the roof.

For doing other projects such as cutting railroad ties or retaining wall logs, you don't need to worry about the cutting. The can handle them all with much ease and comfort.

The chain tension works great. If you keep the chain in proper lubrication and tighten 3-4 times for 1-hour use, you don't need to push or force the bar for cutting. It will do its work without any extra pressure. Keep in mind that every new chain needs frequent tightening as it stretches out.

It is lightweight and well-balanced. The weight will not cause sore to your hands even after handling it for hours.


  • 8-amp motor
  • Easy prime oil pump
  • Oil level indicator
  • Cutting capacity of up to 28"
  • knob provides optimum tension during cutting


  • Super easy to operate
  • A step up from a jaw saw.

  • Perfect for a girl

  • No, follow up maintenance
  • Very rugged

  • No chain falling off
  • No 'smoking motor'


  • Leaks oil
  • Chain jumps off the track and needs to be tightened frequently.


This saw works like a champ for home tasks. It cuts branches like a knife through butter. You can use it for trimming trees without feeling sore. Overall, we recommend this saw to anyone for light home duty.

WEN 4017 Electric Chainsaw

WEN, founded by Nick Anton 68-year ago, designs and distributes power tools such as a chainsaw, the electric jigsaw,the electric soldering gun, the electric engraver for decades.

With its 40v power, it is good for cutting tasks around the yard. It can cut any tree, bush or branch in the backwoods and slice up trees for firewood. It is powerful for cutting both live and dead trees.

Although it is powered by electricity, it is not smaller than a beast. It can take down a 40ft Poplar(in length), 30+ ft oak tree (in length) and even oak trunk.

It can clear fallen trees caused by windstorm, trim overgrown trees or overgrown shrubs, take down healthy trees, unhealthy trees (that got a disease) or dying tree without much trouble.

You can use it in any season you want. You can use it in spring for clearing unwanted trees or in summer to cut firewood.

For cutting small 8"-10" branches or holly bushes, it goes through like butter. There will be no difficulty in cutting them at the base.

The chain FPS(feet per second) is 44 and it is pretty good for most cutting needs. The bar length 16" is good for around the yard tasks and other light to medium duty home projects. If you have trees or limbs within 100ft from your home or electric outlet, there will be no problem in using this chainsaw.

In terms of cost, it is relatively cost-effective in comparison to gas chainsaw of same size. A gas saw of 16" bar ranges from $200 to $300 where you can get it at 1/4 cost or less. After owning this budget chainsaw, you no longer need to hire professional service for your yard. Not even need to borrow any cutting tool in future for trimming or cutting.

Being an electric tool, it will save you from frustration with clogged gas lines and tons of maintenance associated with a gas-powered chainsaw.


  • 12A motor makes cutting easy and fast cutting
  • The wraparound front handle allows cutting at different angles with ease and comfort
  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • Front handguard protects the operator from flying debris
  • Automatic oiler for more durability
  • Safety button for preventing un-intentional or accidental starting
  • Tool-free chain for fast replacement
  • Cable strain relief notch keeps extension cord securely attached


  • Less fatigue during operation
  • Simpler to use and maintain
  • Work like a charm both cutting down up.
  • Easy to keep the chain in adjustment
  • No gas fumes and not as load.


  • No variable speed; just full speed or off.
  • No chain brake


it is good for yard usage. sometimes the oiler may clog which needs a thorough cleaning. You cannot use it for ongoing heavy-duty cutting.

What is a chainsaw?

A chainsaw is a machine that mainly saws wood, but with a diamond chain, it is also possible to for easy lumbering. There are various types of chainsaws. A chainsaw can be driven hydraulically, pneumatically, electrically or by an internal combustion engine. Chainsaws are made by different brands, including Black & Decker, Bosch, Power plus, Makita and Einhell.

It is indubitably true that a chainsaw is the best equipment when it comes to felling trees and removing branches and other foliage, or even home yard work. A large majority of chainsaws available out there are good as far as quality is concerned. However, when it comes to choosing a chainsaw, the first thing you will have to decide is what kind of chainsaw you want. There are two kinds. One is the gas powered chainsaw and the other is the electric chainsaw. A gas powered chainsaw can be oily and messy to deal with, whereas an electric chainsaw is easier to maintain and gets the job done just as well. There are portability issues with electric chainsaw but that is only a problem if you intend to take your chainsaw into the woods. In case, you can use cordless aka battery operated chainsaw which is as portable as gas chainsaw.

As far as pricing is concerned, we will be taking a look at chainsaws from under $50 to the higher end of the spectrum with the price point going above $200 that are available on Amazon. This brings us to another important aspect that we wish to cover, which is longevity, which also partly depends on how you maintain the tool. Electric chainsaws, like we mentioned earlier, are easier to maintain. You do have to take care of only one part of the chainsaw when it comes to the electric variants, which is the blade itself. Almost all chainsaws come with a built in, push-button oiler which oils the blade on the chainsaw. You can use a chainsaw file or a Dremel tool to sharpen the blade.

Types of Electric Chainsaw

There are two types of chainsaw:

Corded electric chainsaws: These are always plugged directly into the source of power when using it. They have a special cord you can connect to the source of power. The only weakness is that they must be used in the area you can access electricity.

Battery-powered chainsaws: These are the form of an electric chainsaw that is powered by rechargeable battery. This is why it’s preferred in the location you can’t access electricity.

Factors to Consider While Buying

The safety of a chainsaw is very paramount (the most important of all) maintenance and accessories are also few factors to be considered.

Length of the Bar

A chainsaw with a longer bar can cut through larger wood chunks in a single attempt. This means that you can complete your jobs much faster. Usually, at homes, chainsaws of length 6-20 inches are used. You can choose the one that is right for your cutting needs.


The speed of chainsaw will determine its ultimate performance. And that cut across the gas and the electric option. The speed of cutting determines the rate at which the chainsaw cut through wood. The amperes and the weight are also few of the factors that affect the performance of chainsaw.

Ease of Use

You should be able to pull your chainsaw with ease. The process of adding and checking the lubrication oil should be very straightforward also.


Thousands of people are treated yearly for chainsaw related injuries. The good part of it is that most of these operators are using the gas types, which does not involve many precautionary tips. The electric anti-vibration chainsaw will allow you to operate it without any fatigue.

Parts and maintenance

The maintenance of your chainsaw is essential in keeping them operational. The electric chainsaw makes this process easy in comparison to the gas chainsaw.


The cost of a chainsaw determines the one you can go for. Corded chainsaw are cheaper than gas and battery chainsaw. If you want a chainsaw within a budget, you can get mostly electric chainsaw for the money you invest. The cost is mainly determined by the model and the various features.

Lesser Vibration

You should look for a chainsaw with an inbuilt mechanism that reduces vibrations when in operation. This is useful to help in reducing fatigue if you have plenty of cutting to do. It also makes holding and handling the chainsaw more comfortable. A medium-sized chainsaw with moderate power is the best for first-time users without much experience in handling a chainsaw. Most people like to have chainsaw with less vibration as those chainsaw models get good rating from most people.


Choose a chainsaw that has higher horsepower as this will enable you to cut down thick branches and trees without too much trouble.

Automatic Oiler

Check for a chainsaw with an automatic oiler. This helps to grease the moving parts and also helps in efficient and safe cutting.

Automatic Chain Break

This system helps to stop the chain if jerking or any abrupt movement occurs and helps in preventing any injury.

Advantages of the Electric Chainsaw

The electric chainsaws come with tons of benefits to buy them, though they are some downsides the upside far exceed the downside of the electric chainsaw.


The electric chainsaw can handle any form of wood cutting you want to do. You can use it to prune, cut and trim a tree or firewood. The model of an electric chainsaw will determine whether they can split a timber into pieces.


Electric chainsaws don’t make much noise compared to the gas counterparts. If you don’t want to disturb your neighbor for some home tree felling, the electric chainsaw is a good one to go for.


The electric chainsaw is a lot lighter because they don’t have gas tank attached to it. This is good for people that don’t have a lumbering experience or the senior citizens that don’t have much energy.

Low Maintenance

The maintenance depends on the type of chainsaw and how often you use.

Disadvantages of the Electric Chainsaw

Less Portable Due To The Extension Cord

This is one if the disadvantage of the electric chainsaw, they include a cord that will need to be connected a few feet from the source of power. You won’t be able to use it in the forest because of this limitation.

Less Power for heavy-duty cutting

The gas chainsaw is preferred when it comes to heavy duty lumbering. The electric chainsaw can do a little in such instance.

The Final Word

All of the products listed above are some of the best electric chainsaws on the market today. They will save you money in the long run (as you will not have to purchase gas) and are much better for the environment. All of our reviewed products are solid purchases that you can be sure will make a great addition to your tool collection.

They are affordable, have great looks, have great safety features, but above all they actually cut great! The only issue may be the charging times on them (which is why a lot of people still have gas chainsaws). Personally, we think they run great and you will be happy with your decision!

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