Best 16-Inch Chainsaw – PERFECT For Homeowner & Rancher

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Just like you, my friend Smith needed a 16-inch chainsaw for his home last year.

He wanted to use it only for light pruning on his yard. He bought a very powerful chainsaw(Husqvarna 440e II) and thought he bought the best one and it will do his work very smoothly.

Unfortunately, He was wrong. The saw was overkill for his needs. He could not even handle it properly for pruning due to its weight(9.8 lbs) and hated to toil tugging at the rope.

The "Best" does not necessarily mean the "most powerful" or "most expensive". That's why I make a list of best 16-inch chainsaw for the homeowner based on the tasks you will need to do with it.

Top 10 Best 16-Inch Chainsaw of 2021

  • WORX WG303.1
  • Greenworks 20312
  • Makita UC4051A
  • Husqvarna 240
  • Husqvarna 440e II
  • Husqvarna 120 Mark II
  • Husqvarna 435e II
  • Zombi ZCS5817

List of 16-Inch Chainsaw

WORX WG303.1 delivers double cutting performance while its weight is almost half compared to its gas counterparts of similar size.

Being an electric tool, it is easy to use and has plenty of power. Unlike a gas chainsaw, you don't need to clean it before storing for a long time or no need to carry fuel with you for working in a remote area. All you need to make sure an electric outlet in a nearby area.

The operation is as easy as "plug & play". You can compare it with the "Autoplay" feature of games/software installation on a laptop. Just put the plug into the socket and you are ready to start cutting. You can read more on the Worx WG303.1 in our full review.


  • The tool-less tensioning  helps to prevent over tightening the chain
  • The level indicator of oil reservoir removes the need for guesswork and saves a lot of time in checking oil level.
  • No  battery or fuel needed.
  • Safety features: chain brake, low kickback bar and emergency switch.


  • Lightweight, has plenty of power and comes with an aggressive chain 
  • Continue cutting as long as you need
  • Ideal for pruning, limbing, and cutting down small trees.
  • Ergonomic design makes it easy to use
  • Quite and needs considerably less maintenance


  • May need to buy and use an extension cord
  • Hard To Find replacement parts
  • Cannot cut well on a tight area because of no kick tip


Being a lightweight and affordable tool, this is perfect for Homeowner, farmer, or rancher.

Although getting replacement parts is hard, it comes with a 3-year warranty. So you don't need replacement parts for this period of time.

Cutting with tip area is dangerous and causes kickback. The need for cutting on a tight area for a casual homeowner is also very low. Overall, this can be a very good chainsaw for regular use.

This is a battery-powered chainsaw with long-lasting backup time and plenty of power. It can perfectly do any type of cutting tasks around the house.

It is a good alternative to gas chainsaw without compromising power. It can cut trees and limbs like butter.

Being a battery-operated tool, it provides the benefit of easy portability like gas-chainsaw and low maintenance like an electric chainsaw.

On top of all, it is very user-friendly for the beginner. Loaded with safety features and numerous functions can make any chainsaw novice into expert very soon. You can read more on the Greenworks 20312 G-Max in our full review.


  • Chain brake for preventing accidental kickback
  • Provides 30% more torque
  • The spikes are metal
  • The trigger instantly starts and stops rolling when pressed


  • The oil is clear and remove the need for guesswork
  • Easy to maneuver
  • The battery runs more than 90 minutes for medium-duty cutting


  • The battery can provide only a limited time of power backup.


Overall, I will rate Greenworks 20312 chainsaw 4.55 out of 5. With some backup batteries, you can operate the chainsaw for hours after hours without any delay for recharging.

Additional batteries may be expensive and increase the cost. But the good news is that it is a one-time cost. Like gas-chainsaw, there is no recurring cost to use these batteries for over and over again.

Makita is a renowned company from Japan in manufacturing high quality and user-focused power tools since March 21, 1915. Makita UC4051A chainsaw has introduced a large trigger for a soft and smooth start which makes operating a chainsaw super easy for the people who never use any chainsaw before.

It comes with a 14.5 AMP motor which is powerful enough for any cutting and trimming projects for homeowners. With the chain speed 2900 FPM, it can cut oak, hickory, and dogwoods like butter.

Its weight is 14 lbs. which is a bit heavy compared to gas or electric model chainsaw. However, once you are used to handling it, it would not be a big deal for you.

It is under $350 which may be a bit costly. But considering the build quality and performance, it is worthy of the money.


  • Easy start-up
  • Rubberized grip handle
  • Automatic oil reservoir with an adjustment screw
  • Built-in current limiter saves the motor from burnout
  • Has an option to turn off oiling (No oil leak when not in use)
  • Tool-less adjuster for blade or chain replacement/adjustment


  • Lightweight (compared to gas or battery-powered chainsaw)
  • Comfortable, quiet, and easy to clean
  • Large start trigger switch
  • Chain stays sharp longer
  • Low repair cost
  • Easy maintenance (no fuel/oil mix or charge battery)
  • Relatively easy to run it on ladder or tree


  • Area of work is limited due to the cord.
  • A bit costly for most users.
  • It takes much oil. Sometimes the oil hole gets clogged within cutting dust. As a result, the chain runs in a dry condition which can damage the motor. (Tip: There is an easy solution for this. Just put a piece of tape over the hole that sends the dust to the oil hole.)
  • The oiling system is in an awkward place and you may need a funnel to fill it.

The extension cord is actually not a big problem at all unless you're high in a tree. For most cases that a casual homeowner faces can be done within the cord range (100 ft).

A few owners complain about the oil leak. They either did not read the manual properly or adjust the oil system. This model has an oil adjustment where you can completely turn the oiler "off" or "on". There is no chance of oil leakage.

Husqvarna is a Swedish outdoor power tool manufacturing company since 1689. Husqvarna 240 can perfectly do pruning to cutting 20-inch logs and can be used in the home, yard or ranch.

Its 2 Hp power can take care of a large property and can clear, skirt and fell Pinion & Ponderosa pines. With an aggressive chisel point chain, you can even do heavy-duty tasks without any issue.

It is 10.3 lbs and the maneuverability is very easy. Unlike a gas chainsaw, this has an "Easy-start" feature which is great for keeping it idle for a long time and resume cutting when needed.

It comes with a price tag of under $350 and 2 years of warranty. As we highlight in the complete Husqvarna 240 review, if you want a chainsaw for casual tasks, this will be proved as a good chainsaw for you. Overall, I will rate it 3.8 out of 5.


  • Consume low fuel and emit less exhaust due to X-torque
  • The exclusive air injection technology removes large dust and debris Particles and they cannot reach to the air filter. This makes the engine more durable and longer-lasting. Moreover, the air filter is washable now. so, you can easily wash it anytime you want.
  • Lower risk of Engine flooding due to Combined choke/stop control. this control also makes the start process easy.
  • Lowvib technology makes vibration levels lower and saves the operator from fatigue
  • The switch is auto-return and can be used for easy starting.
  • The primer bulb clears the gas on the fuel tank and ensures an easy start.


  • Easy start
  • The primer bulb moves fuel into the carburetor and helps to start quickly
  • The air filter is washable
  • Needs less air filter cleaning
  • Lower vibration for reducing operator fatigue
  • Earlier model parts(such as Husky model 140e) can be used as a replacement.


  • Need to tune for steady idle
  • Need to learn basic troubleshooting
  • Over time, several chains, bars & muffler will be worn down.


If you own Husky model 140e, you can use the cannibalized (leftover) parts such as spark plug, bar, chain, chain cover on this model.

At present, it is very easy to learn the basic chainsaw troubleshooting from the internet or YouTube. Doing so will also save a lot of money on repair in the long run.

The "worn down" issue is applicable for all gas-chainsaw. You need to rebuild the carb from time to time. So this is not a “con” actually.

Husqvarna started producing chainsaws for a century. They are well-known for a high-quality and durable gas chainsaw. Husqvarna 440e II is an all-rounder saw for the homeowner who needs to do heavy-cutting such as storm debris clean up occasionally.

It delivers 2.4 Hp power which is enough for cutting limbs and firewood. Even professional firewood sellers can use it for cutting trees. It can cut the live or dead tree at the same speed.

Its weight is only 9.7 lbs. and with this lightweight, any physically weak person can lift and handle it with much ease. It has Husqvarna exclusive "easy start" function and can be started comparatively easily.

It comes with a price tag of under $300 and a 2-year warranty. Overall, I will rate it 4.15 out of 5. Be sure to check out our full review of the Husqvarna 440E.


  • Inertia activated chain brake for protecting the operator from kickback
  • Automatic chain oiler protects the bar and chain from being dry.
  • Option to change the chain tension with side-mounted chain tensioning system during operation
  • Easy cleaning and replacement of the air filter
  • X-torque technology for less fuel consumption and emissions


  • Llightweight
  • Fuel-efficient

  • Very powerful

  • Easy to start and maneuver
  • Start with less/slow pull


  • Not for heavy-duty tasks
  • Need to mess with oil/gas mix
  • Need to pull cord


This chainsaw is mainly for light-duty tasks but you can do heavy-duty tasks sometimes. If you want to use it for 4-5 times a year, this is not for you. Because cleaning before and after an operation, you need to go through a long process.

However, if you need to use chainsaw regularly, this can be proved as a good choice for you.

DeWalt is a renowned American power tool manufacturing company established in 1924. DEWALT DCCS670X1 is a very good chainsaw for indoor and outdoor cutting tasks.

It is battery operated chainsaw with 40V motor. The battery is very long-lasting and you can continue cutting for hours with an extra backup battery.

It is 12.2 lbs and a bit heavy due to the battery. The weight is evenly distributed so it is easy to handle.

The maintenance is super easy because of no carburetors, spark plug, and air filter.

It comes with a price tag of under $350 and a 3-year warranty. Overall, I will rate it 4.35 out of 5.


  • Tool-Free chain tensioning
  • knob for bar tightening
  • Auto-Oiling system for lubricating the chain
  • Chain brake which protects the operator from accidental kickback
  • List Element


  • Very powerful
  • Good torque
  • Can be used in construction
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Zero maintenance compared to gas chainsaw (carburetors, spark plug, and air filter)


  • The battery limits the duration you can use it. However, you can buy some spare batteries to work longer between charges.
  • The charger is a standard charger instead of an efficient one. The battery life may be impacted.
  • The bar retention system is not metal, it is all plastic and rubber. It seems it is poorly clamped.
  • The chain tensioner is held together by the cheesy plastic housing. When I start pushing the bar a bit hard, the chain gets loose and bang. I have to set up the chain again.
  • The oil tank capacity is very low. sometimes, the oil runs out before the battery. It may cause overheat and dry chain.


If you want to charge the battery faster, use a high quality charger.

The oil tank can hold a little amount of oil but you can easily fix the problem. Just take 1-2 bottle of oil with you to the jobsite.

Besides chainsaws, Husqvarna also manufactures trimmers, mowers, garden tractors and many more for a homeowner and outdoor use. It has safety features such as Interia activated chain and safety break to make it even better for newbies.

It has 1.88 HP power and you can do pruning or firewood cutting with it. With 9000 RPM chain speed, it can even do heavy-duty cutting such as red oak.

It is 10.7 lbs. and very lightweight to handle for hour-long cutting.

Due to Combined choke/stop control, the start/stop control is very easy for casual chainsaw operators.

Husqvarna's Exclusive X-Torq engine makes the chainsaw both Eco-friendly and budget friendly. The new technology reduces the fuel consumption (428 g/kWh) and gasoline emissions drastically in accordance with the world´s most stringent environmental regulations. The on-going maintenance cost will be much lesser compared to another brand's gas chainsaw.

With broken chain catcher, it catches the chain in case if it breaks or derails when running. It makes the chainsaw more durable and longer lasting.

It has air Inijection that can reduce air filter cleanings and improve engine life by removing larger dust and debris particles before reaching the air filter.

It comes with a price tag of under $200 and 2-year warranty. Overall, I will rate it 4.35 out of 5.


  • Interia activated chain brake stops the chain within seconds automatically during operation & it reduces the risk of kickback injury.
  • Safety features including Low kickback, safety break which reduces the risk during operation
  • Automatic oiler keeps the chain lubricated for safe and effective use. The oil tank can contain 0.32 US pint (0.15 Liter).
  • With Simple tensioning system, you can adjust the chain tension while the chainsaw is running.
  • Combined choke/stop control also reduces the risk of engine flooding.
  • LowVib® lessens operator's fatigue by reduce vibration levels. The vibration level (ahv, eq) of front handle is 2.1 m/s² while the rear handle is 2.7 m/s².


  • Easy to use. Highly newbie friendly.
  • Large fuel tank to continue work for hours without interruption. The Fuel tank volume is 0.59 US pint (0.28 Liter)
  • You can use 14"-18" bar on it and do a bit more work than usual.


  • Some beginner chainsaw users say that it is hard to Start.
  • When the engine is cold, it becomes hard to start. Once it is warm, you can start with a few pulls.


No need earlier experience in a chainsaw to get the most of it. However, I strongly recommend you watch a few tutorials on YouTube before using it if you never used any chainsaw before.

The starting problems that most beginner operators face are due to a lack of knowledge.

I’ll advise them to read the manual and follow the instructions as directed. After that, you should pull a few times (Let's say 5-6) with the choke on, then shut choke off. It will start. Over time, you will be used to it and it will be easy for you.

Husqvarna offers great user-oriented products for both consumers and professionals. They also own server brands includes PoulanPro, WeedEater, Jonsered and many more. Husqvarna 435e II offers super maneuverability and easy handling for the homeowner and gardeners.

It has 40.9cc engine and can work with 13"-18" bar. it offers high power and good performance with relatively low weight.

It is 9.2 lbs and can cut downed branches with less effort. Even some tree cleaning service business use it for light cleaning tasks.

It comes with a price tag of under $250 and a 2-year warranty. Overall, I will rate it 4.15 out of 5.


  • X-Torq system lowers fuel consumption and emissions
  • With the new "easy smart start" system, you can start it with just one pull
  • LowVib reduces vibration and user fatigue
  • The chain brake is inertia activated which makes the operation more safely
  • Has an x-cut chain and x-force Bar
  • Auto oiler for lubricating the chain and bar
  • The chain tensioning system is side-mounted for easier access in operation
  • The cleaning of the air filter is very easy because of the quick-release feature.


  • Very lightweight. The weight is only 9 lbs
  • Easy, reliable start
  • Smooth, quick, easy to control cuts
  • Handles various bar lengths


  • It does not have a feature like tool-less tensioner. You have to adjust the chain tension manually.
  • The choke/kill switch lever does not feel solid. It is cheaply built.
  • Hard to adjust the Idle setting due to the difficult access area of low and high Idle screw


You have to purchase a bar and chain oil Separately

Leaks much oil

Sometimes safety brake seized and would not disengage if you work for hours without proper maintenance

I suggest purchasing a 2-3 bottle of bar and chain oil at the time of ordering for the chainsaw. Oil is a type of thing that you will need every time you operate the chainsaw.

DeWalt is now a popular brand among casual homeowner, professional power tool operators, and commercial contractors. Along with chainsaw, DeWalt also makes hammer drill and impact driver. DEWALT DCCS690M1 takes only 30 minutes for a full recharge.

It has a 40v motor which is more than enough for limbing and bucking light to medium-sized trees. It has a variable speed trigger for changing the rolling speed based on wood type.

It is 16 lbs. and needless to say, it is heavier than most of the chainsaws. If you are physically strong, you should not have any problem in handling it.

It has a brushless motor that delivers more torque and deep cutting performance

It comes with a price tag of under $300 and a 3-year warranty. Overall, I will rate it 4.65 out of 5.


  • Has more torque and long-lasting charge due to the brushless motor.
  • Despite it is battery powered, it gives cutting performance similar to gas saw of the same size.
  • Has functions such as easy start and stop. It starts and stops instantly. unlike gas chainsaw, it does not roll for 2-3 seconds after pressing the trigger for the stop.
  • It has a tool-free tensioning system for adjusting bar and chain without any tools. It has a knob for changing the adjustments.
  • It has Lubrilink and Lubriwell features for auto-oiling. It delivers smooth cuts and proper oiling at regular interval. It also increases chain life and needs low maintenance. The oil cap is quarter-turn and easy for a quick refill.
  • Variable speed trigger for user control.
  • Chain brake for kickback protection.


  • Cut up to 14" (in diameter) tree and branches with a single cut
  • Very powerful
  • Battery life is very good
  • No starting issue like a gas chainsaw
  • Using two batters, you can work up to 8-9 hours continuously


  • The oil plug is of plastic and seems not to be solid built.
  • Drinks a lot of chain oil


If you use a piece of cloth, it will be easy to remove the oil plug without any issue. You can read the detailed review of DEWALT DCCS690M1.

You can fell a tree of 14-inch in diameter with a single cut. If you have a property of medium-sized tree, it will be easy to maintain with this chainsaw. 

Zombi ZCS5817

Zombi manufactures battery chainsaws, hedge trimmer, string trimmer and many more power tools for consumers. Although Zombi ZCS5817 is a battery-powered chainsaw, it can deliver cutting performance similar to a gas chainsaw.

It comes with 58V motor and can cut logs, limbs and fell small trees with ease and without pushing hard. The battery goes for a long hour. So you can work for hours without any tension of battery recharge.

It is 16 lbs. in weight but it is normal in battery-operated chainsaw. For home tasks or projects, it is perfect.

It comes with a price tag of under $300 and a 3-year warranty. Overall, I will rate it 4.37 out of 5.


  • Very powerful(58 volt) for an cordless/battery operated option
  • The chain speed is 62.3 feet per second. It is a true wood-cutting Monster.
  • 3-hour long-lasting battery with moderate tasks.
  • Low kickback Oregon Bar and chain which is safe for homeowner.
  • Safety features including chain brake & handguard
  • Auto-oiling makes the tool cutting more efficient and long-lasting. You can also check the level indicator in the reservoir which reduces a lot of manual oil checking.
  • The LED battery capacity indicator will show how much charge it has remaining so you will never face downtime in the middle of work.
  • Textured ergo-mesh grip for comfort & control using the tools for hours after hours without fatigue.
  • Deploys chain oil sparingly and automatically without the slightest leak.
  • You can control the cutting speed with the control button. The harder you press, the faster the chain will rotate. With this feature, you no longer need to give pressure on the bar for cutting hard/dry wood.


  • With Brushless motor, you can expect power, efficiency, & durability for a very long time.
  • With 2-hour battery charge, I fell one tree, cut branches, and cut many pieces of very hardwood(14” diameter) for firewood.


  • A bit weighty(16 lbs) due to the battery. Although it is normal in battery chainsaw.
  • The Oiler may not put out enough oil. The oil tank capacity is 170Ml.
  • A few owners say it leaks a little oil, although I did not see any leakage in 6 months of using.
  • Bibendum ispum dolor elit


If you need a battery-powered chainsaw for working long hour, this is a very good option for you. After doing all these tasks over 3 hours, it still remains powerful. The LED display showed a 15% charge remaining. Another interesting fact is that even at 15% charge, it delivers full torque.

For the oil leak issue, you can use a plastic bucket to keep it and catch the leaked oil. However, if your saw leaks a lot of oil, I suggest you contact them for support.

Although you can do heavy work such as falling or cutting, I suggest not to do heavy tasks very often. If you do it regularly, the motor may give out a puff of smoke. Assuming that you will use it in your home or yard mostly, this is actually not a problem at all.

Buying Guide: what you need to consider before buying 16-inch chain saw

There is no universal chainsaw that will be the best for all. To find out which one will be the best for you, you need to consider a few things . They are:- 

  • Types
  • Budget
  • Maintenance
  • Weight
  • Working environment 
  • Features
  • Value

I'm going to discuss each factor in brief.


The electric or corded chainsaw works best for cutting around the house, garden or yard. This is most popular among homeowner. For the power source, all you need is to make sure the presence of an electric outlet in a nearby area.

On the other hand, battery-powered chainsaw works best for cutting in a high tree or remote area. Gas-chainsaws are famous for their speedy cutting performance.

Working environment

The surroundings or environment also plays an important role in choosing the best chainsaw for yourself. If you want to use it in a residential area, you must choose a quiet chainsaw. Otherwise, your neighbor may complain against you. Gas chainsaw creates maximum noise.

Similarly, if you work indoor, buying gas chainsaw may not be a good decision as it creates smoke.

Rating is also an important factor to consider. A highly rated chainsaw will never disappoint you since it has already got so many votes from customer to prove the quality.


There are countless additional features in each chainsaw. You need to give priority on those features that will be beneficial for your tasks.

For example, the most chainsaw has "Tool-less chain tightening system". It is a great feature for most operators. You don't need any wrench or extra tool for tightening the chain.


When looking for a chainsaw, pick the chainsaw that gives the best value for the money.

There some chainsaws that cost a lot of money and there are cheap ones. If you compare different model, you will get the difference.

The expensive chainsaw is usually for professionals. For casual home tasks, you don't need such chainsaw.

On the other hand, battery chainsaw trends to be expensive than corded and gas chainsaw as they contain a battery. Gas chainsaw needs ongoing costs for gasoline whereas corded and cordless chainsaw needs only a one-time cost.

Tip: Last year, I wanted to buy a bandsaw. As I was in a tight budget at that time, I did research on the models and features. Finally, I got a budget bandsaw that met both my budget and requirement.


Since you will not have a fixed working place, you will need to get a chain saw that is very light.

This will make it easy for you to move it to where you want to use it.

You will need to ensure that it is of a manageable size for you to have the best services from it.

You will not need to have a very big space to store it.

If portability is your top priority, I suggest you buy cordless tools such as cordless sawzall or chainsaw.

The Final Word

For you to have the best product that you need, there are several things that you need to consider.

You need to know the available products that serve almost similar services.

With the help of this article, you will find it easy to make the right choice of the 16-inch chain saw.

You will get the best services from the chain saw that you get this way.

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