Best Chainsaw Mill Attachment

To make the lumber milling experience smooth, you might need to supplement your chainsaw mill with some additional equipment.

Cant Hook

It is a logging tool comprising of a movable metal hook, also called a dog, which is attached to a lever handle. Cant hooks are used to turn logs. The hook has a blunt tip and bears teeth. Cant hook handles can be made of wood, fiberglass or aluminum.


A peavey is another hooked tool with a long handle that also has a protruding spike at the end. The spiked end is shoved into the log and then the hook is able to grab onto the log better. This tool too is used to move logs. It was designed by Joseph Peavey as a refined version of the cant hook.

Log Carrier

This is a tool to carry timber around the milling site. A log carrier needs two persons to operate it.


A hatchet is sometimes needed to remove smaller branches from the log. A hatchet can also help remove the bark from the log.

Log Splitting Wedges and Hammer

There are times when you will need to split some wood, and wedges and a hammer can make the job a lot simpler.

Hand Tools

Always keep a set of wrenches, screwdrivers, vise-grips and a good quality multi-purpose knife handy.