Best Alaskan Chainsaw Mill

The Alaskan Granberg Chain Saw Mill (Model #G777) is the best Alaskan chainsaw mill and perfect sawmill for home projects, woodworker, homeowner or carpenter. Weighing just about 0.11 Pounds (0.05 kg), it may be lightweight, but it truly is up for the heavy-duty tasks you have in mind.

ALASKAN Granberg Chain Saw Mill, Model# G777, Orange, Silver
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ALASKAN Granberg Chain Saw Mill, Model# G777, Orange, Silver
  • Lightweight mill can access nearly all timber
  • High-quality mill cuts beams or lumber from 1/2in. To 13in. Thick and 17in. Wide
  • Attaches to saw without drilling bar
  • Designed to fit chain saws with 20in or less bars
  • material type: Steal

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The Sawmill At a Glance

The mill is portable and can access anything that your two legs can carry it to do. It is also easy to mount on the saw. Additionally, the mill attaches to the saw without any drilling bar. The Granberg Chain Saw Mill G777 can cut a wide range of thickness ranging from just ½ an inch to 13 inches.

In width, it can go up to 17 inches. The G777 is ideal for chainsaws with bars of 20 inches or less. However, make sure that the width of the bar is not less than 2.5 inches.

The mill itself has a sturdy feel to it. It has zinc plating, which protect it from external elements when you are working outdoors. This mill, however, is not for you if you want to use an electric chainsaw, not even a battery-operated one.

You will need a gas-powered saw with at least 60cc of power. You can go higher with the power, to make milling even quicker.

Word From the Experts

Granberg suggests you use a ripping chain with the mill. The ripping chain will not only increase the lifespan of the chainsaw and make you work faster, it will also ensure smoother cuts. Also, make sure that your chain is always sharpened properly.

Something About the earlier Model# G776

The G776 can easily be attached to the chainsaw bar; you will only need a wrench for this, the size depends on the rail size. However, even when the mill is attached to the saw, it is very easy to make adjustments to it.

This chainsaw sawmill cuts timber in thickness ranging from ½ an inch to 13 inches. The width of the slab depends on the size of the rail. So a mill with the 84-inch rail can give you boards nearly 74 inches wide. This makes the Alaskan chainsaw mill a great tool if you are looking to process big boards for custom furniture.

However, it works equally well for smaller cuts. You can be assured of the accuracy of the cuts as well. All your timber will be cut uniformly and will maintain the size determined by you.

Since it weighs only about 8 kgs, it can easily be hauled around and is great for single person use. The G776 also boasts of great build quality with steel and aluminum body.

Alaskan Chainsaw Mills, a Brief History

Much of early civilization relied on using materials that were available in their immediate surroundings. Man’s conquering of the frontier zones needed machinery that could cut through tons of wood that went into making sturdy shelters and the furniture inside.

Even early transportation units, like carriages and ships, needed timber in large quantities. Over time, these shelters, carriages and furniture became refined and the demand for precisely cut wood emerged.

Logs needed to be cut into symmetrical beams and slabs. Sawmills were a significant development that revolutionized the timber industry.

Of the various kinds of sawmills, alaskan chainsaw mills gained popularity among hobbyists and those looking to operate in difficult terrains.

The mill attachment is used to guide the chainsaw blade to produce lumber of predetermined thickness set by the operator.

These sawmills can be operated by one or two people. While the smaller sawmills feature one chainsaw, and therefore, need one operator, some of the large mills have two chainsaws and need two people to handle them.