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Battery Chainsaw: 6 Exclusive Features (For Remote Area)

Say you are going to need to work in a narrow, remote area where power plugs are located a good 1000 meters away

Electric chainsaws are no good for this...

...gas-powered chainsaws will do you no good either (they are just too big!) 

For this kind of scenario – apart from many other challenging ones – 

...your best choice proves to be a battery-powered chainsaw.

Fortunately, there are many types of portable chainsaws out there; it is just a matter of choosing the right product for your needs. Save yourself from the confusion by learning more about battery powered chainsaws and why you should get one for your home:

Battery Powered Chainsaw

​As the name suggests, this type of chainsaw is powered by a recharged battery. Because of its portability, it is the least powerful chainsaw, next to gas-powered and electric models.

But since it is very easy to use, battery powered chainsaws are recommended for newbies in search of a good tool for trimming and pruning trees and branches.

Advantages and Disadvantages Owning a Battery Powered Chainsaw

While battery powered chainsaws are only fit for small tasks, they come with a number of advantages as well. For one, they are lightweight, so you do not have to worry about user fatigue in case you need to utilize this machine continuously. Maneuverability is easy with battery powered chainsaws as well, making it perfect for new users.

It is also a low-maintenance model, so you do not have to check your device time and time again to see if it still functions well. Another good thing about battery powered chainsaws is its affordability, since models cost as cheap as $100.

As for the disadvantage, the battery powered chainsaw cannot cut through bigger, thicker logs. For these, you are going to need a sturdier model, such as a gas-powered or electric chainsaw.

Power Options

​Battery powered chainsaws come with two types of power options. One is an 18-volt model, which is built for smaller tasks such as pruning. 36-volt models, on the other hand, are recommended for bigger jobs such as pruning larger branches and clearing debris.

Guide Bar Options

Guide Bar Options

​Compared to electric and gas-powered chainsaws, battery powered models have shorter guide bars, ranging from 20 to 30 centimeters in length. This guides the cutting chain for optimum sawing and pruning power.

Battery Options

​Battery powered chainsaws are backed up by two forms of batteries: lithium ion and nickel cadmium. Lithium ion batteries features the newest technology, that is why they are recommended for longer tasks. Compared to Nickel Cadmium batteries, Lithium ion ones do not lose power even if the battery’s juice is near zero. Best of all, charging Lithium batteries only take one hour, compared to Nickel Cadmium batteries that require a minimum powering time of 12 hours!

Bar Oiler Options

​As with any other chainsaw, a battery operated one has continuous metal to metal friction between the chain and bar of the device. If these parts are not lubricated, you might end up with a broken chain.

Bar Oiler Options

To prevent this event from happening, make sure to purchase a battery operated chainsaw with an automatic oiler. This lubricates the machine regularly, preventing the disastrous event of a chain breakdown.

In case you purchase a battery powered chainsaw without an automatic oiler, you need to take a pause from your work every so often just to lubricate the bar. This, in turn, prolongs your supposedly-short working time.

When it comes to smaller tasks, nothing beats the portability and maneuverability of a battery powered chainsaw. Given the many options out there, make sure to consider the model’s power, guide bar and battery options before purchasing the best model for your needs.

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My name is Chris Ross. I'm an arborist by profession & a blogger by passion.Currently I live in Austin, United States. Being in the cutting services for more than 10 years, I know a thing or two about chainsaw. I love to write about chainsaw for homeowners and professionals. I hope my epic guides will help you to choose,buy and maintain chainsaw.

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